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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Spirit Soaring is a location added by the Region of Terror mod, visited via teleportation during the chapter 4 portion of the mod's main quest.

It is a remote temple compound, where weary travelers are provided food and rest.
Head priest Cadderly is in charge.

How to get there[]

Brother Martin in Brynnlaw teleports you here because Drizzt wants to find a way to destroy the Crystal Shard – see Main quest ▸ chapter 4 for details.
(Requires Drizzt!)

(For the chapter 6 visit, see the separate article Spirit Soaring Revisited.)


This location consists of 6 maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Temple compound
  • Outdoors map
  • Floor 1
  • Floor 2
  • Crypt
  • Talk to Cadderly.
  • Wait 24 hours.
  • Talk to Cadderly again.
↓ Seventh Plane
  • Defeat the boss to get a quest item.
↓ Hephaestus's lair
  • Capture the dragon.

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Temple compound [RR3700][]

You arrive on the outdoors map. Enter the temple compound, and continue to floor 2.

Talk to Cadderly in the throne room (700.1300) there. Drizzt explains the situation to him, and Cadderly leaves for 24 hours to look for answers in his books.

Feel free to explore the compound and talk to the priests during this time, but there isn't really anything of interest. You can pass the time quickly by going to the innkeeper (Brother Harold) in the guest bedroom (700.400) on floor 1, and resting three times[1] in a row.

When Cadderly returns to the throne room, talk to him again. He explains that you must retrieve a device that can hold a dragon.
When you tell him you are ready, he starts a cutscene in which he summons and interrogates an imp in the crypt, and then teleports you to:

Seventh Plane [RA3750][]

Region of Terror mod RA3750 Spirit Soaring Seventh Plane map

Fight your way through demons/imps/salamanders.

Monster details
Creature type Stats Count Drops
Imp imp • lvl 15 • AC -5 9 -
Fire Salamander elemental • lvl 12 • AC 0 2 -
Great Fire Salamander elemental • lvl 22 • AC -5 2 -
Glabrezu demon • lvl 20 • AC -7 2 -
Nabassu demon • lvl 20 • AC -4 2 -
Pit Fiend demon • lvl 20 • AC -10 3 -
Cornugon demon • lvl 18 • AC -10 1 -
Marilith demon • lvl 23 • AC -6 2 -
NPC: Crec'tur demon • lvl 25 • AC -10 1 see below

[TODO: Add combat advice here.]

In the top portion of the map, the demon boss Crec'tur waits with some friends. Approach him, and after a short dialog, he attacks. Defeat him. He drops:

  • Fangor's Holder [DRAGCAP] (quest item)
  • Arbacan's Crossbow +3 [NEWXB01] (1 cold/fire/electr. damage)

The "holder" is what we came here for, so pick it up.
Return to the spot where you arrived on this map, and click the teleport site (four flames) to return to Cadderly.

Cadderly now teleports both your party and himself to:

Hephaestus's lair [RR3801][]

Region of Terror mod RR3801 Spirit Soaring Hephaestus lair map

You start out together in the top-right hallway. After casting some spells, Cadderly walks down into the dragon den.

Follow when you are ready, and walk forward until you see the red dragon Hephaestus, who turns hostile. Fight him.
When the dragon's hit points are low, Cadderly initiates dialog and ensures that the dragon becomes trapped inside "Fangor's Holder" [DRAGCAP2] – which then gets placed back into your inventory.

You can loot the large, trapped hole in the floor (1600.1450) for:

  • Soul Armor +2 [SOULARMR] (full plate; immune to normal weapons & missiles; quest item)
    → this item has a side-quest; see the #Side quests section below!

Talk to Cadderly to be teleported back to the temple compound.


Return to the outdoors map, and talk to Brother Martin to be teleported back to Brynnlaw.

Side quests[]

The Strange Talking Armor[]

  • Loot the "Soul Armor +2" [SOULARMR] from the dragon's lair during the chapter 4 Spirit Soaring portion of the mod's main quest (see section #Hephaestus's lair above).
  • Optionally, equip[2] the armor to observe it saying things like "No, please, no more pain..." (as floating text over the wearer).
    If you talk to it (using the "Converse" button on its description screen), it accuses you of torturing it.
  • Once you regain access to the worldmap (i.e. in chapter 6), travel to Arlax and talk to Brundor in his smithy.
    He tells you to show the armor to Chade.
  • Travel to Westchar, and talk to Chade in his store.
    He tells you to get a priest to help free the trapped soul. Agree.
    (WARNING: If you tell him no, the quest ends.)
  • Enter the temple in Westchar, and ask the "Priest of Waukeen" there for help.
    A cutscene plays out in which Chade and the priest free the soul. You get 25,000 exp.


  1. 3 × 8 hours = 24 hours.
  2. Requires a non-good party member who can wear full plate mail.