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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Slave Route is a small worldmap-accessible location added by the Region of Terror mod, visited during the side-quest Maribur ▸ Clob's Son Missing.

How to get there[]

Travel to Maribur during Main quest ▸ chapter 6 (Requires Drizzt!), and start the side-quest Clob's Son Missing there.
At some point along that side-quest, the "Slave Route" is marked on your worldmap near Athkatla.

Map [RR0044][]

Region of Terror mod RR0044 Slave Route map

When you arrive, you see five slave traders guarding a bunch of slaves.
Walk forward until the leading slave trader initiates dialog. There are two ways you can handle this:

  • GOOD CHOICE: Free the slaves.
    If you tell the slave traders to die, or demand they release the slaves, they turn hostile. Defeat them. Afterwards, talk to Clob's son (Rodger) to get 30,000 exp.
  • EVIL CHOICE: Take a bribe to let the slavers move on.
    Demand 2000 gp from the slave traders, and provided that your protagonist is level 21+ and your speaking party member has CHA 16+, they agree to pay you[1]. In addition to the gold, you get 20,000 exp and -1 reputation. The slave traders then leave forever with their slaves.

If you fight them, this is what you are up against:

Enemy icon Enemy details & loot
Count Enemy Stats Kill reward
2 Slave Trader Elf Thieflvl 18 • 130 HPAC -3 • THAC0 1 • 2 APR
• uses +1 weapon (piercing)
2 Slave Trader Elf Thieflvl 18 • 140 HPAC -3 • THAC0 -3 • 3 APR
• uses +2 weapon (piercing)
1 Slave Trader
Elf Thieflvl 18 • 150 HPAC -3 • THAC0 -1 • 4 APR
• uses +3 weapon (slashing + fire)

Combat advice:

  • They shouldn't pose any trouble for you at this point in the game.

Either way, this concludes the side-quest Maribur ▸ Clob's Son Missing.


  1. Otherwise, they attack you. Proceed as in the "good" path above.