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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Realm of the Gragha is a location added by the Region of Terror mod, visited via teleportation portal during the chapter 2 portion of the mod's main quest.

It is part of an outer plane of existence, inhabited by a race of creatures called the "Gragha".

How to get there[]

Travel to Westchar in the course of the mod's main quest, to get access to the mysterious locked house there which contains a portal that brings you to the Realm of the Gragha – see Main quest ▸ Westchar for details.
(Requires Drizzt!)


This location consists of three maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Pathway of the Holy One
  • Survive the four tests.
  • Reach the next map.
↓ City of the Gragha
  • Solve the king's riddle to reach the next map.
↓ Vampire City
  • Defeat Shandar at the end of the hallway to free Bruenor.
  • OPTIONAL: Resolve the side-quest "The Lost Gragha".

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Pathway of the Holy One [RR3302][]

Region of Terror mod RR3302 Pathway of the Holy One map

You initially arrive in the bottom-left corner of this map.

Walk through the entrance chamber into the main hallway, until you see a djinni labeled "Holy Guardian" (1800.1100). Talk to him, to learn that you are on an outer plane inhabited by a race called the "Gragha", and that you must pass four tests in order to be allowed into their city.

WARNING: Continuing down the main hallway past the djinni results in instant death!

The part of the main hallway that you are in, has four tiny side-rooms. Each of them contains one "Holy One" who aministers a test:

Test of strength[]

Talk to the "Holy One" in the first room on the left side of the hallway (1000.850).
He summons 5 monsters that you must defeat (one after the other):

  1. an Umber Hulk (4000 exp)
  2. a Vampire (8500 exp)
  3. a Mind Flayer (9000 exp)
  4. a Tanar'ri (10,000 exp)
  5. a Beholder (14,000 exp)

He then rewards you with the "Hilt of the Ancient" [ANCISA] (component for Item upgrades ▸ Ancient Sword).

Test of intelligence[]

Talk to the "Holy One" in the second room on the left side of the hallway (1400.750).
He asks 5 riddles that you must answer correctly – a wrong answer causes your party to be killed via cutscene.
The correct answers are:

1. "Gloves", 2. "Wind", 3. "Time", 4. Echo", 5. "Water"

He then rewards you with a "Diamond of the Ancient" [ANCISB] (component for Item upgrades ▸ Ancient Sword).

Test of durability[]

Talk to the "Holy One" in the second room on the right side of the hallway (1000.850). He teleports your main character to the entrance chamber of the map, and casts the following 5 spells on him or her in quick succession:

1. Magic Missile, 2. Melf's Acid Arrow, 3. Fireball, 4. Lightning Bolt, 5. Sunfire

If you survive, he rewards you with a second "Diamond of the Ancient" [ANCISC] (component for Item upgrades ▸ Ancient Sword).

Test of luck[]

Talk to the "Holy One" in the first room on the right side of the hallway (1450.1650).
He makes you guess which of the five coins that he is holding looks the same from both sides – and guessing incorrectly leads to your party being killed via cutscene.

The correct answer is "The rightmost".
(There are no hints for this – if you weren't following a walkthrough, you'd have to reload and retry until you guessed the correct answer.)

He rewards you with the "Blade of the Ancient" [ANCISD] (final component for Item upgrades ▸ Ancient Sword).

Moving on[]

After completing the four tests, report back to the "Holy Guardian" in the main hallway.
He disables the undetectable instant-death floor trap behind him, making it safe to travel onward.

At the end of the hallway, you pass through a room where a corpse is on display – when clicked, it reads "The grave of great war leader Tapio Perkiomakimeki".

Take the exit in the top-right corner (3600.100) to get to:

City of the Gragha [RR3303][]

Region of Terror mod RR3303 City of the Gragha map

This underground compound is filled with Gragha, which are non-hostile humanoid spectres wearing monk robes.

Audience with the king[]

Region of Terror mod City of the Gragha king and queen screenshot

the Gragha King and Queen

As soon as you enter, one of the Gragha initiates dialog and takes you to their king in the top-right room.

The "Gragha King" tells you that their city hasn't had any visitors in 500 years, but that they have recently opened a portal to another city in the same realm where they met hostile giants.
He explains that you need to solve a riddle in order to use that portal, and gives you the first "Riddle Stone" [RIDST1] as a clue.

  • SIDE-QUEST "The Lost Gragha" (start):
    The king also asks you to find his missing Gragha scouts in the other city.

Finding the Riddle Stones[]

There are 4 additional riddle stones that you must pick up from containers on this map – but each one only materializes if you already carry the previous one, so you must check the containers in the correct order. The stones' inscriptions offer the necessary clues (underlined in the following table):

# Location Inscription
1st Given by the Gragha King "He left from his hometown to seek the adventures life had reserved for him. First he travelled to west and found a treasure there..."
2nd altar (2600.800) in the tiny room just to the left of the king's room "Then he continued his journey and made his way to the Cave of Fire. There he fought a dragon and took it's treasure..."
3rd fireplace (2500.1300) in the entrance chamber in the bottom-left corner of the map "He continued his journeys to the World's End Inn. There he searched for a mythical scroll and found it..."
4th left-most bookshelf (550.1000) in the room behind the left door (800.1300) from the entrance chamber, where a Gragha offers safe rest "Excited from his succees he made a mistake and travelled to the city of the circular walls. He stole the king's treasure and ran away..."
5th bookshelf (1600.1800) in the round room on the bottom-center of the map "He returned home happy and rich. But at night, when he was asleep, he found his way to eternal rest..."

The only other loot on this map is the book "The Story of Gilgamesh II" [BOGIL2] (wanted by Arlax ▸ Book Collector), found on the table (1600.1800) of the tiny room just to the right of the entrance chamber.

Moving on[]

Now that you have found all five riddle stones, go to the bottom-right corner of the map, and walk up to the "Mystical Door" (3400.2400) there. The dialog window automatically opens. You must recite the five riddle stone inscriptions in the correct order (see above if you don't remember them).

You are now considered as having the "mark of the Holy One", which allows you open the "Mystical Door" and step through the portal behind it. Do so, to get to:

Vampire City [RR3304][]

Region of Terror mod RR3304 Realm of the Gragha Vampire City map

You start out on the left end of the main hallway, which winds its way (in a snake-like shape) to the right side of the map. Each segment of the main hallway has a side-corridor going off to the left or right.

Hallway segment 1[]

As soon as you enter the map, the vampire "Valessa" initiates dialog to taunt you, and then attacks together with two generic vampires. She drops:

The first side-corridor (600.1400), guarded by a Fire Giant, has nothing of interest except more traps and giants.

Hallway segment 2[]

In the next segment of the main hallway, you face a floor trapDisintegrate and four Vampires.
The side-room here (1100.2200) has nothing but 6 floor trapsMelf's Acid Arrow and another giant.

Hallway segment 3[]

In the next segment of the hallway, you face two more giants.
The side-corridor here (1900.2200) has a floor trapMeteor Swarm, four giants, a bookshelf (2900.2200) with:

...and a bit of optional quest content:

  • SIDE-QUEST "The lost Gragha" (continued):
    At the end of the middle path of the bottom-right side corridor, stand three imprisoned Gragha (3400.2100). After you've killed the three nearby "Greater Fire Giants", you can talk to the middle Gragha. He thanks you for freeing them, and they return to the "City of the Gragha" map.

Hallway segment 4[]

In the next segment of the main hallway, you face a floor trapIncendiary Cloud.
The side-corridor here (1800.1500) has nothing but 3 more vampires.

Hallway segment 5[]

In the next segment of the main hallway, you face three more vampires.
The side-corridor here (2200.1100) has a pool of water (trappedMelf's Acid Arrow) from which you can loot:

  • "The Snake +1" [NEWMASN] (Mace +1 with +50% poison resist. and 50% chance of poison/disease on target)

Hallway segment 6[]

The final segment of the main hallway is empty.
The side-cave here (2300.600) has two more giants to fight, and in the back room, a drawer(1000.300) (trappedAbi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, locked) that can be looted for:

Boss room[]

At the end of the hallway, near the top-right corner of the map, is the door (2800.700) to the boss room.
When you enter, Shadar initiates dialog and tells you that in order to free Drizzt's friend Bruenor (who stands entranced behind her), you must defeat her and her four fellow vampires. Combat ensues.

Shadar drops:

When the five vampires are dead, Bruenor (3250.600) comes out of his trance and initiates dialog. You get 15,000 exp per party member for freeing him.
It is up to you whether you want to accept Bruenor into your party, or send him back to Amn by himself. (He is not needed for any quest content.)

Drizzt then remarks that the party should visit cleric Martin in Brynnlaw, to get to a place called "Spirit Soaring" where head priest Cadderly might know a way to destroy the Crystal Shard (the evil artifact that Artemis and Jarlaxle are using for their shenanigans).


Exit the vampire city the way you came.

Back in the "City of the Gragha" map, you can optionally complete the side-quest:

  • SIDE-QUEST "The lost Gragha" (conclusion):
    Report back to the Gragha King in the top-right room (2300.900). He thanks you for freeing the three Gragha, and gives you 35,000 exp.

Then leave the Realm of the Gragha forever by talking to the Gragha Queen (next to the king).
She teleports you back to the Westchar outdoors map.

Continue with Main quest ▸ chapter 2 ▸ moving on.