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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Razor's Hideout is a small worldmap-accessible location added by the Region of Terror mod, visited during Randall's personal side-quest.

How to get there[]

Let Randall join your party in Arlax, and travel with him long enough to advance his personal quest "Necromancer after Randall" to the point where he marks "Razor's Hideout" on your worldmap.


This location consists of two maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Outdoors map
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Interior
  • Defeat Razor.

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Outdoors map [RA5700][]

Region of Terror mod RA5700 Razors Hideout outdoors map

Follow the path to the mound entrance. Step inside:

Interior [RA5701][]

Region of Terror mod RA5701 Razors Hideout interior map

Walk forward until Razor initiates dialog. He taunts you, and attacks together with two Necromancers and 14 skeletons:

Enemy icon Enemy details & loot
Enemy Stats Count Drops
Razor human conjurer • lvl 21 1
Necromancer human enchanter • lvl 19 2
Skeleton Warrior undead • lvl 9 2
Strong Skeleton undead • lvl 11 12 -

TODO: add combat advice here

Razor cannot be killed normally; instead, when his hit points are reduced to 1, he initiates dialog again.
He reveals that he and his accomplice Marcus (Randall's foster father) murdered Randall's real father. But before Razor can spill the whole story, he dies.


After Razor's death, Randall initiates conversation again, and vows to find out more about the death of his parents. You get 20,000 exp per party member.

This concludes the quest "Necromancer after Randall".
(The mod's data files contain unused content where Randall meets Marcus in Spellhold, so apparently the quest-line was meant to continue, but it seems that this was never finished.)