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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Monzuma's Cave is a worldmap-accessible location added by the Region of Terror mod, visited during the chapter 2 portion of the mod's main quest.

How to get there[]

Entreri's messenger Malnar in the Arlax sewers marks "Monzuma's Cave" on your worldmap – see Main quest ▸ Arlax for details.
(Requires Drizzt!)


This dungeon consists of three maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Outdoors map
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Level 1
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Level 2
  • OPTIONAL: Resolve "Giants Took Rob's Wife".
  • Defeat Errtu at the top-right cavern entrance.
  • Free Regis in the top-right cavern.

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Outdoors map [RR3200][]

Region of Terror mod RR3200 Monzumas Cave outdoors map

As soon as you arrive on the small outdoors map, a side-quest commences:

  • SIDE-QUEST "Giants Took Rob's Wife":
    • A man called Rob initiates conversation and asks you to rescue his wife, who was taken into the cave by giants.
    • If you tell him to do it himself, he runs into the cave and dies. Otherwise, he awaits you here, and the quest continues inside the cave – see below.

Move onwards, to the cave entrance in the top-left corner (200.200), guarded by two frost giants. Enter:

Level 1 [RR3210][]

Region of Terror mod RR3210 Monzumas Cave level 1 map

This cave level is crawling with abishai, frost giants, and ice salamanders, and has two floor trapsTrap icon.
There are four lootable containers:

Container icon Lootable containers
bottom-center crate Container icon (2200.1600):
bottom-left chest Trapped container icon (1500.1800):
  • Two Handed Sword +3 [TWOHT]
  • minor random treasure
top-right hole Container icon (1800.500):
  • Topsider's Crutch [RING21] (ring; infravision)
  • minor random treasure
top-left hole Container icon (500.600):
  • Plate of the Dark +1 [PLAT05] (full plate mail)
  • Karajah's Life and Death +3 [LEAT09] (leather armor)

The tunnel to the next level is in the top-left corner (400.800). Enter:

Level 2 [RR3220][]

Region of Terror mod RR3220 Monzumas Cave level 2 map

Make your way along the winding ice tunnel, wary of floor trapsTrap icon at bottlenecks, and defeat or sneak past the frost golems, ice salamanders, and frost giants scattered about.
There are two "lootable containers" along the way:

Container icon Lootable containers
center-left hole Trapped container icon (1200.1500):
  • Flail of Coldness +2 [COFLAIL] (+4 cold damage; 10% chance of Cone of Cold)
bottom-left hole Container icon (1300.2600):

At the bottom-center of the map, you may continue the side-quest started outside the cave:

  • SIDE-QUEST "Giants Took Rob's Wife" (continued):
    • Rob's wife Marliss stands at the bottom-center intersection (1800.2500).
    • Talk to her, and she transforms into a Tanar'ri. (It turns out she was already dead, and the demon was merely playing games with you.)
      Kill it.

Continue along the path, where you encounter more of the same frost creatures, and then along the right-most upward tunnel, some abishai including their "Abishai Leader"(2800.1000).

Boss iconAbishai Leader:  details & loot
Stats: Abishai • level 18 • 140 HP
Kill reward:
  • Amulet of Extra Spells [AMULEXT] (1+ spell of level 1-4)
  • minor random treasure
Region of Terror mod Mozumas Cave Errtu screenshot

Errtu and the two Tanar'ri

At the end of the tunnel, a doorway to a separate cavern is blocked (2500.300) by the demon general Errtu along with two Tanar'ri.
Errtu has a personal history with Drizzt (see Forgotten Realms Wiki ▸ Errtu).
Defeat him.

Boss iconErrtu:  details & loot
Stats: Tanar'ri • level 23 • 164 HP
Kill reward:
  • Tapio's Legacy +4 [PERLEG] (halberd +4; 100% cold resist.)
  • 1 scroll of Golden Cloud [GOLDENCL]
  • 1 scroll of Ice Exploder [ICEEXPL]
  • minor random treasure

Combat advice:

  • ...
Region of Terror mod Regis screenshot

Regis on the platform

Pass through the doorway that Errtu was guarding, into the top-right cavern where Drizzt's friend Regis stands on a platform (3300.300). Talk to him[1], to free him from his shackles.
Regis gives you the next clue for the main quest: Artemis Entreri told him to "go to the Umar Hills". (15,000 exp per party member.)

It is up to you whether to accept Regis into your party, or send him to wait at the Copper Coronet. (He isn't needed for any quest content.)


Backtrack out of the cave the way you came.

  • SIDE-QUEST "Giants Took Rob's Wife" (conclusion):
    • Back on the outdoors map, inform Rob about the death of his wife for 10,000 exp.

Continue the main quest walkthrough at Main quest ▸ Umar Hills.


  1. Errtu and the two Tanar'ri must be dead, in order for Regis to talk to you.