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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Maribur is a village in eastern Amn added by the Region of Terror mod.

It is a farming village that is facing hard times due to a bad harvest.

How to get there[]

  • Without Drizzt:
    Only via cheat code:

Map [RR3900][]

Region of Terror mod RR3900 Maribur map


Shopkeeper Location Inventory
Kindast his store generic jewelery & potions
Priest of Helm temple generic potions & protection scrolls


  • The Story of Gilgamesh VI [BOGIL6] (wanted by Arlax ▸ Book Collector) on a bookshelf(700.500) on floor 1 of the noble's home.
  • A few gold pieces or gems in some of the chests inside the houses.


Quest Quest-giver Leads you to
Main quest:
↓ Main quest (Maribur portion)
(dungeon crawl – requires Drizzt)
Mysterious Cave
Side-quests that start here:
↓ Clob's Son Missing
(his home)
Slave Route
↓ Thief at Kindast's Store
(small quest)
(his store)
↓ Farmer in Need of Aid
(his home)

A walkthrough for each quest follows below.

Main quest (Maribur portion)[]

The portion of the Region of Terror main quest that plays in Maribur, involves finding a nearby cave which, strangely, the villagers don't seem to know about. See Main quest ▸ Maribur.

Clob's Son Missing[]

  • Talk to Clob inside his home, to learn that his son hasn't returned from a trip to Athkatla. Agree to look for him.
  • Travel to Athkatla, and on the Bridge District outdoors map, talk to the merchant(4000.300) standing near the top-right district entrance. He tells you that Clob's son bought a cloak from him and then headed for the inn.
  • Enter the Five Flagons Inn in the same district, and talk to the prostitute Jatta on floor 1. She recounts how Clob's son was kidnapped, and where he was taken.
    Bug:In version 4.0 of the mod, Jatta fails to spawn. Use the following cheat console command:
  • Enter the Horn House in the same district, and confront Mendor on the upper floor. Press him until he can't deny it anymore, and he reacts:
    • If your protagonist is level 17+, Mendor admits everything and marks "Slave Route" on your worldmap.
    • Otherwise, Mendor attacks your party. Defeat him, and you automatically find a scroll[1] on his body that also marks "Slave Route" on your worldmap.
  • Travel to the Slave Route – and see that article for the rest of the walkthrough for this side-quest.

Thief at Kindast's Store[]

  • Ask Kindast inside his store whether he has a task for you. He promises you 50 gp if you to catch the thief who has been stealing from his store. (You can haggle your price up to 75 gp if you have 14+ CHA, or 100 gp if you have 18+ CHA)
  • At night, enter Kindast's store again to encounter a villager who shouts "No! I must flee!" and disappears.
  • During daytime, talk to Kindast again and describe the thief you saw. Kindast identifies the thief as Japhet.
  • Enter Japhet's home(1600.3000) in the bottom-left portion of the map and talk to him. It turns out he stole the potion to try and cure his sick wife.
    • CHOICE: Promise to pay for the potion.
      To express his gratitude, Japhet gives you the history book "Tapio Perkiomaki's Story" [BOTAPIO] (wanted by Arlax ▸ Book Collector)
    • CHOICE: Take the matter directly to Kindast.
      This way, you do not get the book. But Kindast still allows Japhet to keep the potion.
  • Either way, report back to Kindast to conclude the quest. Unless you promised to pay for the potion, you receive your previously agreed-upon sum of gold.

Farmer in Need of Aid[]

  • Enter the farmer's home(700.2100) in the center-left part of the map, and talk to the farmer inside. He asks you for a donation.
    • CHOICE: Give him 5 gp or less → you get nothing.
    • CHOICE: Give him 20 gp → you get 600 exp.
    • CHOICE: Give him 1000 gp → you get 6000 exp and +2 reputation.


  1. Not an actual in-game item - the scroll is merely referenced in an on-screen text that pops up once Mendor is dead.