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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This page guides you through the main quest of the Region of Terror mod.

(The section headings refer to Shadows of Amn chapters.)

Before you start[]

Consult the Companions page if you want to plan your party in advance.

Chapter 1[]

Irenicus's Dungeon[]

Region of Terror mod cutscene screenshot

intro cutscene

Start Shadows of Amn chapter 1.
You see a cutscene of Drizzt's nemeses Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle, somewhere far away, concocting some mysterious evil plan.

On Irenicus's Dungeon 1st Floor, in the left hallway(600.2300), you meet Drizzt's friend Wulfgar. Let him temporarily join if you want to do his personal side-quest later. (He is lost forever if you leave him here.)

On Irenicus's Dungeon 2nd Floor, right at the exit, you meet Drizzt. Let him join. (There is no other way to get him, and you need him in your party for the whole Region of Terror main quest.)

As you leave the dungeon, you see another cutscene of Entreri and Jarlaxle, and how they captured Drizzt's friends Bruenor, Regis, and Catti-Brie.

Chapter 2[]

Once in Athkatla, feel free to kick Wulfgar out of the party if you don't need him – you can let him rejoin later when the time for his personal quest comes[1].


Feel free to spend as much time as you want on other Shadows of Amn chapter 2 content. This mod adds:

RoT chapter 2 side-content

The Region of Terror mod adds the following optional content that is accessible in chapter 2 (if you fulfil the requirements):

Location Summary
The Arena A new district of Athkatla that lets you fight duels to win prizes.
Has different challenges for different experience levels, so don't delay your first visit too long!
Arlax A town in Amn briefly visited during the main quest (see below), that also has stores, crafting, a companion, and many side-quests.
Westchar A village in Amn briefly visited during the main quest (see below), that also has a store and side-quests.
Talavan's & Olmar's Castles Two castles in Amn are at war – you can step in and help either side.
(REQUIREMENT: 1 million+ exp and 13+ reputation)
Bremen One of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale, far to the north – which offers a companion and side-quests, including extensive dungeon crawls.
Bring Wulfgar along if you want to do his personal quest.
(REQUIREMENT: 3 million+ exp)

See the linked walkthrough articles for details. You can also do most[2] of that side-content in chapter 6, instead.


When you re-enter the Athkatla Slums outdoors map 2+ days after first entering it, a djinni appears and delivers a message from Artemis Entreri to Drizzt, taunting him about his captured friends and marking "Arlax" on your worldmap[3].

While Drizzt sounds impatient, there is no timer involved, so travel to Arlax at your own leasure.


Region of Terror mod Arlax sewer entrance screenshot

one of the sewer entrances in Arlax

Arlax is the first major town added by the Region of Terror mod.
It offers stores, crafting, a companion, and side-quests. You can explore that optional side-content now, or postpone it until later[4]. It is described in detail on the Arlax page, so refer to that page and then return here once you are ready to continue the mod's main quest.

When you enter the Arlax sewers with Drizzt, you find Entreri's messenger Malnar in the bottom-left corner(200.2500). He taunts Drizzt about the torture of one of his friends, and marks "Monzuma's Cave" on your worldmap[5].
Travel there once you are ready for some tough battles.

Monzuma's Cave[]

Region of Terror mod Mozumas Cave Errtu screenshot

Errtu guarding the doorway to Regis's cavern

Refer to the Monzuma's Cave article for a walkthrough of that dungeon crawl, and return here when done.
(The short version is that you must fight your way to the end of the bottom cave level, to free Drizzt's friend Regis and learn the next destination in the goose chase: Umar Hills.)

Umar Hills[]

Travel to the Umar Hills with Drizzt, and approach Jarlaxle's messenger Alora (an evil drow, not the BG1 companion!) on the outdoors map near the Umar Cave (1900.1400).

She marks "Westchar" on your worldmap, and gives you the "Mystical Key".


Region of Terror mod Westchar locked house screenshot

the mysterious locked house in Westchar

Westchar is the second town added by the Region of Terror mod. It has stores and side-quests – refer to the Westchar article for that optional content, and then return here when you want to continue the mod's main quest.

Optionally talk to the barkeeper Burrich in the Westchar tavern, to learn that something mysterious happened to the southern-most house here, preventing the villagers from opening its door.

Go to the house in question, in the bottom-right corner (3000.2300) of Westchar, and enter. (The door opens thanks to the key you got from the drow Alora.)
Inside, click the machinery at the top of the room (800.300) to be teleported to the Realm of the Gragha.

Realm of the Gragha[]

Region of Terror mod City of the Gragha king and queen screenshot

the Gragha King and Queen

Refer to the Realm of the Gragha article for a walkthrough of that dungeon crawl, and return here when done.
(The short version is that you must survive riddles, tests, and fights in order to free Drizzt's friend Bruenor and learn the next main quest destination: Brynnlaw.)

Moving on[]

You cannot go to Brynnlaw until Shadows of Amn chapter 4, but there's no rush. Feel free to remain in chapter 2 for as long as you want.
(Refer back to the above #Chapter 2 ▸ side-content section.)

Chapter 3[]

It does not matter whether you side with the Shadow Thieves or the vampire guild during the Shadows of Amn chapter 3 story-line – Drizzt does not care.

Chapter 4[]


Shadows of Amn chapter 4 brings you to Brynnlaw. Find Brother Martin(700.800) outdoors near the Pirate Lord's Home, and when you are ready, ask him to teleport you to Spirit Soaring.

Spirit Soaring[]

Region of Terror mod Spirit Soaring Crectur screenshot

Crec'tur and fellow demons

Refer to the Spirit Soaring article for a walkthrough of this detour, and return here when done.
(The short version is that you must visit the abyss, and capture a dragon, in preparation for what is to come.)

Chapter 5[]


When you arrive in the Underdark at the start of Shadows of Amn chapter 5, a messenger djinni stands just a few feet ahead of you (700.3400) and initiates conversation on sight.
He marks the next quest destination on your world-map: Maribur.
(This is a village on the surface of Amn, and thus not reachable until the next chapter.)

Chapter 6[]


RoT chapter 6 side-content

Refer back to the above #Chapter 2 ▸ side-content section for anything you missed or skipped.
In particular, you were likely too low-level to access the following in chapter 2:

Content Requirement
Arlax ▸ Mirlanda's high-level spell store level 15+ protagonist
The Arena ▸ high-level duels 4 million+ exp for highest Fighter tier
Bremen 3 million+ exp

The following Region of Terror side-content is newly available in chapter 6:

Content Summary
Arlax ▸ The Strange Talking Armor Quest.
Arlax ▸ The Quest for the Eye of a God Toughest dungeon crawl in the mod.
Maribur A town visited during the main quest (see below)
that has a few side quests.
Spirit Soaring Revisited Dungeon crawl. Requires Drizzt.
Only available after finishing the main quest.


Region of Terror mod Maribur Jolnar screenshot

Jolnar calling you over

Maribur is the final town added by the Region of Terror mod. It has a small number of side-quests – refer to the Maribur article for that optional content, and then return here when you want to continue the mod's main quest.

You must ask at least one inhabitant of Maribur where to find the nearby cave.[6] They all claim there is no such cave.
However, the villager Jolnar then[7] appears outdoors in front of Clob's home(3350.2000) and calls you over. Talk to him, and he explains that the other villagers have been mind-controlled by Entreri & Jarlaxle to forget about the cave. He marks the Mysterious Cave on your worldmap.

Mysterious Cave[]

Region of Terror mod Mysterious Cave Jarlaxle and Entreri screenshot

Jarlaxle and Entreri in the Crystal Shard room of the cave

Refer to the Mysterious Cave article for a walkthrough of this dungeon crawl.
(The short version is that you must fight through many tough enemies to arrive at a final confrontation with Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle – and either destroy their Crystal Shard, or join them.)

Wrapping up[]

This concludes the Region of Terror main quest, a.k.a. "Help Drizzt Finding His Friends".

If you're wondering whether to kick out the Region of Terror companions now, or keep them in the party:

Content for RoT companions after the main quest
  • Drizzt is required for the optional dungeon-crawl Spirit Soaring Revisited which becomes accessible 3+ days after the main quest, but after that he has no more content.
  • Wulfgar, Alissa, and Randall have 1 personal quest each, if you haven't done them already.
  • The other companions have no content outside the main quest.

Check the above sections #Chapter 2 ▸ side-content and #Chapter 6 ▸ side-content to ensure you didn't skip any side-quests, item upgrades, etc. that you want to do.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Pick him back up when you travel north to Bremen – see the textbox in the next section.
  2. Except for the low-level duels of The Arena, since you'll presumably be too high-level in chapter 6.
  3. Far to the south-east of Athkatla.
  4. Any time in chapter 2 or 6.
  5. Near Arlax.
  6. For example, the Farmer who greets you when you first arrive – or anyone else labeled "Villager".
  7. After you have asked at least one other villager about the cave.