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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This page provides an overview of the new in-game locations added by the Region of Terror mod.





Area codes[]


Code Area Background art source
RR3100 Arlax custom-photoshopped from BG2+BG1+IWD art
RR3101 Arlax ▸ Brundor's smithy BG2 smithy
RR3102 Arlax ▸ Mage High Council building ▸ floor 1
RR3103 Arlax ▸ Mage High Council building ▸ floor 2
RR3104 Arlax ▸ Hammerhand's inn ▸ floor 1 BG1 Three Old Kegs inn floor 1
RR3105 Arlax ▸ Hammerhand's inn ▸ floor 2 BG1 Three Old Kegs inn floor 3
RR3106 Arlax ▸ Book Collector's house ▸ floor 1
RR3107 Arlax ▸ Book Collector's house ▸ floor 2
RR3108 Arlax ▸ library BG2 Temple of Oghma
RR3109 Arlax ▸ eastern tavern BG1 Blushing Mermaid tavern floor 2
RR3110 Arlax ▸ Morandin's home ▸ floor 1 BG2 generic home
RR3111 Arlax ▸ Morandin's home ▸ floor 2 BG2 inn?
RR3112 Arlax ▸ Morandin's home ▸ floor 3 BG2 inn?
RR3113 Arlax ▸ Morandin's home ▸ crypt BG2 generic crypt
RR3114 Arlax ▸ Prison BG1
RR3115 Arlax ▸ Selden's home BG2 Jysstev Estate
RR3116 Arlax ▸ Temple of Helm BG2 Temple of Lathander
RR3117 Arlax ▸ Roend's inn ▸ floor 1 BG1 Elfsong Tavern floor 1
RR3118 Arlax ▸ Roend's inn ▸ floor 2 BG1 Elfsong Tavern floor 2
RR3119 Arlax ▸ Osgil's tavern BG1 Keexie tavern
RR3120 Arlax ▸ Osgil's store IWD Easthaven home
RR3150 Arlax ▸ sewers BG2 temple district sewers
RR3200 Monzuma's Cave ▸ outdoors IWD Easthaven hills
RR3210 Monzuma's Cave ▸ level 1 IWD Easthaven orc cave
RR3220 Monzuma's Cave ▸ level 2 IWD Gloomfrost caverns level 2
RA4500 Esath's Farms BG1 Fishing Village
RA4501 Esath's Farms ▸ Esath's house BG1 generic home
RA4502 Esath's Farms ▸ left house BG1 generic home
RA4503 Esath's Farms ▸ right house BG1 generic home
RA4600 Esath's Farms ▸ Mining Settlement BG1 Xvart Village
RA4601 Esath's Farms ▸ Mining Settlement ▸ level 1 BG1 Nashkel Mines level 3
RA4602 Esath's Farms ▸ Mining Settlement ▸ level 2 BG1 Nashkel Mines level 2
RA4700 Gaidan's Castle BG1 Gnoll Stronghold
RA4701 Gaidan's Castle ▸ floor 1 BG1 Cloakwood Mine level 3
RA4702 Gaidan's Castle ▸ floor 2 BG1 Cloakwood Mine level 2
RA4703 Gaidan's Castle ▸ floor 3 BG1 Bandit Camp Tazok's Tent
RA4704 Gaidan's Castle ▸ empty cave 1
RA4705 Gaidan's Castle ▸ empty cave 2
RA4800 Gaidan's Castle ▸ caravan ambush map BG2 forest clearing
RA5700 Razor's Hideout BG1 ?
RA5701 Razor's Hideout ▸ interior BG2 Troll Mound, photoshopped to add skulls
RA4900 Eye of a God Cave ▸ outdoors IWD Dragon's Eye entrance
RA5000 Eye of a God Cave ▸ level 1 IWD2 Underdark Drow camp
RA5001 Eye of a God Cave ▸ level 2 IWD2 Underdark Drider nest
RA5002 Eye of a God Cave ▸ level 3 IWD2 Dargon's Eye level 1
RA5003 Eye of a God Cave ▸ level 4 IWD2 Dargon's Eye level 2
RA5005 Eye of a God Cave ▸ Blue Dragon's lair IWD2 Ice Lakes cave (Underdark entrance)
RA5006 Eye of a God Cave ▸ Aqua Dragon's lair BG2 dragon room
RA5004 Eye of a God Cave ▸ holy sanctuary BG2 Shadow Dragon Lair, photoshopped


Code Area Background art source
RR3300 Westchar IWD Lonelywood
RR3305 Westchar ▸ tavern IWD Lonelywood tavern
RR3312 Westchar ▸ tavern ▸ floor 2 (Hedan's home) BG1 home
RR3307 Westchar ▸ Temple of Waukeen IWD Lonelywood temple
RR3308 Westchar ▸ Chade's store IWD Lonelywood family home
RR3310 Westchar ▸ Lorem's hut IWD Lonelywood hut
RR3311 Westchar ▸ house on stilts IWD Lonelywood home
RR3313 Westchar ▸ Hands's house ▸ floor 1 IWD Lonelywood mayor's home floor 1
RR3309 Westchar ▸ Hands's house ▸ floor 2 IWD Lonelywood mayor's home floor 2
RR3301 Westchar ▸ mysterious locked house BG2 Twisted Rune Hideout
RR3306 Westchar ▸ Emanath's house IWD Lonelywood home, with portal added
RR3302 Realm of the Gragha ▸ Pathway of the Holy One IWD Temple of the Forgotten God level 2
RR3303 Realm of the Gragha ▸ City of the Gragha IWD Dragon's Eye level 4
RR3304 Realm of the Gragha ▸ Vampire city IWD Dragon's Eye level 5
RA3010 Emanath's Pocket Plane ▸ outdoors custom-photoshopped from BG2 art
RA3011 Emanath's Pocket Plane ▸ ground floor ?
RA3013 Emanath's Pocket Plane ▸ basement ?
RA3015 Emanath's Pocket Plane ▸ Andaxll'layah's lair BG2 dragon lair
RA3014 Emanath's Pocket Plane ▸ Emanath custom-made
RA4200 Hunting Forest BG1
RA4201 Hunting Forest ▸ Cave network BG1 Ankheg Pit
RA4202 Hunting Forest ▸ Al'thur's cave BG2 small cave

Spirit Soaring[]

Code Area Background art source
RR3700 Spirit Soaring photoshopped from BG1 art
RA3706 Spirit Soaring ▸ floor 1 BG2 Order of the Radiant Heart, photoshopped
RR3701 Spirit Soaring ▸ floor 2 IWD Marketh's Palace floor 3
RR3702 Spirit Soaring ▸ crypt IWD Tiers of the Dead
RA3750 Spirit Soaring ▸ Seventh Plane BG2 Planar Sphere Abyss, photoshopped
RR3801 Spirit Soaring ▸ Hephaestus's lair ?
RA3707 Spirit Soaring Revisited photoshopped from BG1 art
RA3710 Spirit Soaring Revisited ▸ floor 1 BG2 Order of the Radiant Heart, photoshopped
RA3708 Spirit Soaring Revisited ▸ floor 2 IWD Marketh's Palace floor 3
RA3709 Spirit Soaring Revisited ▸ crypt IWD Tiers of the Dead
RA3705 Spirit Soaring Revisited ▸ priests' quarters BG1 ?
RA3703 Spirit Soaring Revisited ▸ inner chamber IWD Marketh's Palace floor 2
RA3704 Spirit Soaring Revisited ▸ portal room BG2 Spellhold kobold room, photoshopped
RA3711 Spirit Soaring Revisited (after attack) photoshopped from BG1 art


Code Area Background art source
RA5100 Bremen IWD2 Targos
RA5101 Bremen ▸ mayor's house IWD2 Targos town hall
RA5102 Bremen ▸ Deli Riversmouth's store IWD2 Targos trading post
RA5103 Bremen ▸ Fenedon Tremp's shelter IWD2 Targos healing pavilion
RA5104 Bremen ▸ inn ▸ floor 1 IWD2 Targos inn floor 1
RA5105 Bremen ▸ inn ▸ floor 2 IWD2 Targos inn floor 2
RA5106 Bremen ▸ Matthew Wyndon's house IWD2 Targos Phaen's house
RA5107 Bremen ▸ warehouse IWD2 Targos Koluhm's house
RA5500 Cult of the Beast ▸ level 1 IWD2 Z'hinda Citadel
RA5501 Cult of the Beast ▸ level 2 IWD2 Chult temple
RA5400 The Waypoint custom-photoshopped from IWD2 art
RA5600 Hermit's Outpost IWD2 Horde Fortress Gates, photoshopped
RA5620 Hermit's Outpost ▸ hut
RA5610 Hermit's Outpost ▸ hidden passage IWD Upper Dorn's Deep entrance
RA5611 Hermit's Outpost ▸ Icebeard's cave custom-made
RA5601 Ice Temple ▸ outdoors IWD2 Ice Wall
RA5602 Ice Temple ▸ level 1 IWD2 Ice Temple level 1
RA5603 Ice Temple ▸ level 2 IWD2 Ice Temple level 2
RA5401 Mountain Reaches IWD Gloomfrost
RA5410 Dragon Sanctuary ▸ corridor custom-made
RA5416 Dragon Sanctuary ▸ maze ▸ level 1 custom-made
RA5411 Dragon Sanctuary ▸ maze ▸ level 2 custom-made
RA5412 Dragon Sanctuary ▸ main compound IWD Wyrm's Tooth
RA5413 Dragon Sanctuary ▸ main compound ▸ foyer IWD Aquatic Museum basement foyer
RA5414 Dragon Sanctuary ▸ main compound ▸ library IWD Aquatic Museum library
RA5415 Dragon Sanctuary ▸ main compound ▸ temple custom-made


Code Area Background art source
RR3900 Maribur BG1 Nashkel
RA3901 Maribur ▸ inn BG1 Nashkel inn
RA3902 Maribur ▸ Kindast's store BG1 Nashkel store
RA3903 Maribur ▸ noble's house ▸ floor 1 BG1 Nashkel manor floor 1
RA3904 Maribur ▸ noble's house ▸ floor 2 BG1 Nashkel manor floor 2
RA3905 Maribur ▸ empty house BG1 Nashkel home
RA3906 Maribur ▸ farmer's house BG1 Nashkel home
RA3907 Maribur ▸ Japheth's house BG1 Nashkel home
RA3908 Maribur ▸ Nech's tavern BG1 Nashkel tavern
RA3909 Maribur ▸ Clob's house BG1 Nashkel garrison
RA3910 Maribur ▸ Temple of Helm BG1 Nashkel temple
RR3950 Mysterious Cave ▸ outdoors (entrance) ?
RA4000 Mysterious Cave ▸ cave level 1 IWD Dragon's Eye level 1
RA4006 Mysterious Cave ▸ cave level 2 IWD2 Goblin Warrens level 1
RR4001 Mysterious Cave ▸ cave level 3 IWD Dragon's Eye level 3
RR4004 Mysterious Cave ▸ Cemetery IWD Dorn's Deep heroes crypt
RR4003 Mysterious Cave ▸ Shamon'na's lair IWD Severed Hand exploded level
RR4002 Mysterious Cave ▸ Crystal Shard room IWD Dorn's Deep forge
RR4005 Mysterious Cave ▸ outdoors (exit) BG1 Gnoll Stronghold (small section)
RR0044 Slave Route BG2 random encounter map