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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Ice Temple is a location near Bremen, added by the Region of Terror mod.

How to get there[]

Take the bottom-left path out of the Hermit's Outpost, which is a wilderness area near Bremen.


This location consists of three maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Outdoors map
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Level 1
  • Reach the next map
↓ Level 2
  • Gain access to the sanctuary to confront the boss.

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Outdoors map [RA5601][]

Region of Terror mod RA5601 Ice Temple outdoors map

You arrive in the open area at the top edge of the map, next to a group of non-hostile barbarians.

  • SIDE-QUEST: "Wulfgar's Wife" (start)
    If Wulfgar is in your party, the barbarian leader Beogorn initiates conversation, and tells you that Wulfgar's wife has been kidnapped and her trail led to this area.
    The party automatically rests. From now on, the 6 barbarians follow you around and fight on your side in combat.

(If Wulfgar is not in your party, the barbarians simply leave.)

This map has several floor/door trapsTrap icon, and is crawling with monsters:

Enemy iconMinor monsters: details & loot
Count Creature Stats Loot
5 Greater Frost Giant lvl 23 • 152 HPAC -13 • THAC0 -13 • 1 APR • 100% cold resist. • 20% physical resist.[1] 12,000 exp,
minor random loot
16 Ice Salamander lvl 12 • 83 HPAC 0 • THAC0 1 • 2 APR • 100% cold resist. 4000 exp
3 Frost Golem lvl 15 • 86 HPAC 0 • THAC0 1 • 1 APR • 100% MR • 50% slashing resist. • 20% piercing/missile resist. 6500 exp
3 Ice Golem lvl 18 • 130 HPAC -10 • THAC0 -2 • 1 APR • 100% MR • 100% slashing resist. • 80% piercing/missile resist. 12,000 exp
2 Greater Ice Golem lvl 22 • 144 HPAC -12 • THAC0 -4 • 1 APR • 100% MR • 100% slashing resist. • 80% piercing/missile resist. 15,000 exp
6 Shadow Samurai Cambion • lvl 18 • 164 HPAC -18 • THAC0 -8 • 5 APR • 50% MR • 50% elemental resist.[2] 6500 exp,
1 potion[3]
5 Malarchite Harpy • lvl 18 • 144 HPAC -16 • THAC0 -8 • 2 APR • 20% MR • 100% fire/electr. resist. • 20% cold resist. • 10% acid resist. • 30% physical resist.[4] • regeneration 15,000 exp
5 Abishai lvl 22 • 188 HPAC -14 • THAC0 -10 • 2 APR • 50% MR • 100% cold resist. • 50% acid/electr. resist. • 30% physical resist.[5] 9250 exp
2 Death Claw lvl 26 • 88 HPAC -14 • THAC0 -6 • 3 APR • 100% cold resist. • 30% physical resist.[6] 11,500 exp

Combat advice:

  • ...

Bosses are discussed separately, below.

In the left portion of the maze, in one of the little ice rooms, you can optionally fight the golem boss Yac'as'as(600.1100):

Boss iconYac'as'as: details & loot
Stats: Iron Golem • level 38 • 155 HPAC -12 • THAC0 -10 • 2 APR • fists are +3 weapons (20-47 crushing) • can instantly cast Ice Storm and Cone of Cold • immune to +3 and lower weapons • 100% MR • 100% elemental resist.[7] • 90% physical resist.[8] • all iron golem immunities
Kill reward:

Combat advice:

  • ...

Near the center of the map, there are some frozen statues and three piles of stones on a ledge above them. While you can interact with the piles, nothing comes of this.[9]

To progress, you must reach the intersection in the bottom-left corner. From here, two paths lead straight right.

Take the upper path first (through a locked & trapped[10] door and 5 floor traps), and you reach a little side room containing the "Monk's Spirit". Talk to him to learn that this was once a good-aligned monastery that has been taken over by evil, and that he can unlock the temple entrance for you – but that you will have to defeat some guardians first.

Return to the bottom-left intersection, and this time take the lower path rightwards.
In the bottom-right portion of the map, optionally enter a little side-corridor(2400.2300) to fight the Salamander King and his 10 minions:

Boss iconSalamander King: details & loot
Stats: Fire Salamander • lvl 28 • 183 HPAC -8 • THAC0 12 • 4 APR • uses +4 weapon (piercing) • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 100% MR • 100% elemental resist.[11]Mirror Image & regeneration
Kill reward:
Minions: 10 Ice Salamanders
(for their stats, see the "Minor monsters" note above)

Combat advice:

  • ...

Continue around the bottom-right corner.

  • MINI-QUEST: The passphrase-protected door
    You come across a locked door(3100.1600) blocking a side passage. Clicking the door brings up a dialog window. To unlock it, you must answer with the passphrase "Where is the wind that was blown?" – but this dialog option only comes up if you have the "Mysterious Scroll" [HERSCRL] in your inventory, that you get as a quest reward from Hermit's Outpost ▸ The Hermit.
    (You can come back for this later, if you haven't done the hermit's quest yet.)

Both the side-passage blocked by the passphrase-protected door, and the room next to it, have containers with magical items:

Container icon Lootable containers
passphrase-protected side-passage ▸ hole in the wall:
next side-room ▸ chest:
  • Fading Plate +5 [NEWPL02] (plate mail; AC -2; +10 HP; immune to petrification and backstabbing)
  • Frozen Crystal [FROZORB] (crafting ingredient)

Continue the main passage to the end. There, two ramps lead up to the actual temple entrance. It is guarded by Tezz and her minions – these are the guardians that the Monk's Spirit spoke of. Defeat them:

Boss iconTezz: details & loot
Creature Stats Loot
Tezz Malarchite • lvl 28 • 184 HPAC -17 • THAC0 -10 • 3 APR • uses +3 weapon (slashing + randomly magic/elemental damage) and spellcasting • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 50% MR • 100% elemental resist.[12] • 100% missile resist. • 20% slashing/crushing/piercing resist. • regeneration
Malarchite (×2) (see the "Minor monsters" note above)
Sapphire Golem (×2) lvl 28 • 112 HPAC -10 • THAC0 -10 • 2 APR • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 100% MR • 100% elemental resist.[13] • 90% physical resist.[14] • all iron golem immunities

Combat advice:

  • ...

If you promised the Monk's Spirit earlier to defeat the guardians, he approaches you after this battle and unlock the temple entrance. (Otherwise, you have to go to him to get him to unlock it.)

Either way, once the temple entrance is open, go inside:

Level 1 [RA5602][]

Region of Terror mod RA5602 Ice Temple level 1 map

You start in the hallway in the bottom-left corner of the map.

  • SIDE-QUEST: "Wulfgar's Wife" (continued)
    Beogorn and his fellow barbarians continue to follow you. The goal here is to gain access to the lower level of the temple. There are two ways to do this (you can do both):

Entrance rooms[]

The entrance hallway has rooms with enemies on both sides of it. The right room contains a secret door to an optional boss fight:

Boss iconHigh Monk Spirit: details
Stats: Wraith • lvl 35 • 158 HPAC -8 • THAC0 -1 • 2 APR • uses +2 weapon (piercing) and spellcasting • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 80% MR • 80% elemental resist.[15] • 50% slashing/crushing/piercing resist. • 100% missile resist. • all undead immunities • regeneration
Kill reward:

Combat advice:

  • ...

Outer ring[]

Stepping out of the entrance hallway, you find yourself on a perpendicular hallway which (when followed left) forms a ring around most of the level.

The ring's first hallway segment to the left contains some lootable shelves:

Container icon Lootable containers

The rest of the outer ring has nothing of interest, unless you want more combat – including two Sapphire Golems.
(Note: The Monks marked as blue dots on the map do not attack on sight, but rather randomly turn hostile when you try to initiate dialog.)

Prison cells[]

From the hallway segment with the shelves, take the top-right side door(600.1800) to enter the prison.
There are three prison cells here, with seemingly-non-hostile "Monks" inside. They plead with you to free them.

1) When you open the bottom-left cell(600.1600), the monk inside turns into the hostile Shadow Samurai boss "Chxzar" and attacks:

Boss iconChxzar: details & loot
Stats: Shadow Samurai • lvl 28 • 168 HPAC -16 • THAC0 -4/0 • 5 APR • uses +4 weapon (slashing + inflicts blindness) and spellcasting • immune to +3 weapons and lower • 100% MR • 100% elemental resist.[16]
Kill reward:

Combat advice:

  • ...

2) When you open the top-left cell, the 4 monks inside turn into hostile mists[17] and attack.

3) When you open the cell on the right, the monk inside thanks you and leaves, and you get 2500 exp. Apparently he was the only real prisoner here!

Healing chamber[]

Continuing north from the prison, through a room with minor treasure[18], you get to a doorway(1000.1000) with the inscription "The healing chamber. Have faith."[19].

Inside this "healing chamber", behind a large floor obstacle, you can fight the Malarchite boss "Ell":

Boss iconEll: details & loot
Stats: lvl 28 • 171 HPAC -17 • THAC0 -10 • 2 APR • uses +3 weapon (+30 slashing +30 non-lethal +30 magic +30 poison +30 fire +30 magic-fire +30 cold +30 magic-cold +30 acid +30 electr. damage) • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 30% MR • 100% fire/electr. resist. • 30% cold resist. • 20% acid resist. • 20% physical resist.[20] • pre-cast Spell Turning • regeneration
Kill reward:
  • 26,000 exp
  • Dhor's Bastard Sword +4 [NEWSWB02] (+1d4 poison/acid/slashing/piercing)
Minions: 2 normal Malarchites (lvl 18)

Combat advice:

  • ...

This chamber will become more relevant later in Wulfgar's quest.


Returning back out of the prison, and then right and up, brings you to a room with church benches facing an altar. Clicking the altar(1700.1750) brings up its inscription:

"If you are not in haste, take a minute to waste. Stay in the center and wait for the Sender."

Let one party member stand inside the floor rune in the center of the room. After a few seconds, the "Dark Guardian" spawns and attacks. Defeat him:

Boss iconDark Guardian: details & loot
Stats: Shadow Samurai • lvl 38 • 240 HPAC -20 • THAC0 -11 • 5 APR • uses a +4 weapon (slashing + inflicts blindness) and spellcasting (incl. Time Stop) • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 100% MR • 100% elemental resist.[21]
Kill reward:
  • 14,000 exp
  • Ice Key [IWDKEY1] (quest item)

Combat advice:

  • ...

The key he drops unlocks the door to the ↓ East staircase, and thus presents one of the two ways to get down to level 2.

North staircase[]

Continuing north from the chapel, the hallway has little side rooms with lootable containers:

Container icon Lootable containers
side-room 1 ▸ bookshelves:
side-room 2 ▸ bookshelf:
  • 6 history books

These side-rooms also contain some notable optional combat: Another High Monk's Spirit[22] (turns hostile through dialog), and another Sapphire Golem[23].

At the end of this hallway lies the room with the "north staircase"(2600.800). However, the staircase is closed and guarded by a non-hostile "Monk's Spirit".
Talk to the spirit, and and it gives you a puzzle that you must solve in order to unlock this staircase down to level 2.
This puzzle plays out in the puzzle room:

Puzzle room[]

This is the room in the bottom-right corner of the map.

It contains ten beds, each of which holds one gem. These gems are worthless as treasure, and merely serve as quest items for the puzzle by the Monk's Spirit at the ↑ North staircase.
To solve the puzzle, you must move each gem to the correct bed:

Puzzle solution

These are the hints given to you by the Monk's Spirit:

  • "The colors of night and day lay beside each other, south from another color."
  • "When you step into the room, yellow is on your right side."
  • "There's a group of beds, three of them exactly. Two of these beds contain the same coloured gems, light and dark. The last contains another color, light one, not dark."
  • "Between red and yellow is violet."
  • "Between light red and light blue is green."
  • "Light red is in a group of two beds."

While these hints are ambiguous, there is only one solution accepted by the monk, and it is as follows:

Region of Terror mod Ice Temple gems puzzle solution

(In this image, the gem icons represent their final positions, and the arrows indicate where each gem was moved from.)

Once that's done, you can report back to the Monk's Spirit at the ↑ North staircase. If you got the puzzle right, he unlocks that staircase for you, grants you 50,000 exp, and disappears.

East staircase[]

This staircase is behind a locked door(3000.1300) in the center-right part of the map.
The lock can only be opened using the key dropped by the "Dark Guardian" in the chapel – see the ↑ Chapel section above.

Level 2 [RA5603][]

Region of Terror mod RA5603 Ice Temple level 2 map

The goal of this level is to gain access to the "sanctuary", which is the large central room in the bottom part of the map.
Its locked door can be opened in two ways (you can do one or both):

Unlocking the sanctuary using the tile puzzle[]

In the left-of-center part of the inner section of this level, is the "rock room"(1800.900) – a store room with four lootable chests that contain 10 "Rock"[24] items in total. These rocks are quest items needed for the tile puzzle, so take them.
(If you don't care about finding the clues for this puzzle, skip to near the end of this walkthrough section.)

Exit the rock room, and take the hallway left and around the corner. There's a secret door(650.850) on the inner wall, opening a room which in turns has a door to another room, with a trapped altar(1150.650) that contains the "Bedroom Key"[25].
As soon as you loot this key, the malarchite boss Trezz and her minions spawn and attack you:

Boss iconTrezz: details & loot
Stats: Malarchite • lvl 28 • 184 HPAC -16 • THAC0 -15 • 2 APR • uses +6 weapon (slashing + random elemental damage) • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 60% MR • 100% fire/electr. resist. • 50% cold/acid resist. • 30% physical resist.[26] • regeneration
Kill reward:
  • 25,000 exp
  • Malver's Plate +3 [NEWPL03] (plate mail +3)
Minions: 2× Shadow Samurai (lvl 18)

Combat advice:

  • ...

The "Bedroom Key" opens the four previously inaccessible rooms in the north section of the map. This means that you now have access to all rooms on this level except for the sanctuary.
Explore them to find six scrolls with clues for the tile puzzle – and various other treasure:

Container icon Lootable containers
north section ▸ left room:
  • Scroll #1 [IWDSCR1] (clue for tile puzzle)
  • Shield of Hiding +4 [NEWSS03] (constant invisibility)
  • Chain Mail of the Dead +4 [NEWCHDE] (AC 1)
  • 1 Blizzard Bullet +1 [NEWBUIC] (+2 cold damage)
  • Arrow of Blindness [NEWARBL] (blinds target for 4 rounds)
  • Helm of Quickness [NEWHE01] (INT 18; constant Improved Haste; THAC0 +1; AC +1)
  • Wing of the Bengar's Helm [NEWBEH2] (component for Item upgrades ▸ Bengar's Helm +2)
  • Ring of Chant [NEWRICH] (constant Chant)
north section ▸ center-right room:
  • Scroll #4 [IWDSCR4] (clue for tile puzzle)
  • Ninja-To +3 [NEWNIN03]
inner section ▸ top-left room:
  • Bedroom Key [IWDKEY3] (quest item – see above)
inner section ▸ rock room:
  • 10 Rocks [IWDROCK] (quest items for tile puzzle)
inner section ▸ bottom-left room:
  • Scroll #3 [IWDSCR3] (clue for tile puzzle)
  • Delvin's Sword +4 [NEWSWL01] (10% chance of random effect on target)
inner section ▸ bottom-center-left room:
inner section ▸ top-right room:
inner section ▸ bottom-right room:
  • Scroll #2 [IWDSCR2] (clue for tile puzzle)
south section ▸ bottom-left room:

Then enter the "tile room" in the bottom-right corner of the map, and solve the puzzle by placing rocks on the correct tiles:

Puzzle solution

These are the clues given to you by the six scrolls:

  • "This do be the instruction scroll. Find the others and go to the flagstones. Put rocks on the correct tiles and the way to the Sanctuary do be opened."
  • "Put weight on the tile closest to the back wall."
  • "Put weight on the tile in the center."
  • "Put weight on the tile left from the center."
  • "Put weight on the tile facing the locked door."
  • "Put weight on the tile right from the tile facing the locked door."

Place one rock on each of the 5 floor tiles marked on the image below (or rather, into the tiny "container" in the middle of each of those tiles), while leaving the other 4 tiles empty:

Region of Terror mod Ice Temple tiles puzzle solution

If you do it correctly, the door to the ↓ Sanctuary silently unlocks.

Unlocking the sanctuary using a key[]

In the large room in the center of the map, click the central contraption(2000.1500) to cause the demi-lich Gregorraxx to spawn and attack you with his minions:

Boss iconGregorraxx: details & loot
Creature Stats Kill reward
Gregorraxx Demi-Lich • lvl 28 • 89 HPAC -6 • uses standard demilich abilities • standard demilich immunities • 100% MR • 127% cold/electr. resist. • 100% fire/acid resist. • 90% physical resist.[27] • reflects spell damage
2× Malarchite lvl 22 • 111 HPAC -16 • THAC0 -8 • 2 APR • uses +3 weapon (slashing + random elemental damage) and spellcasting • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 20% MR • 100% fire/electr. resist. • 20% cold resist. • 10% acid resist. • 10% physical resist.[28] • regeneration

Combat advice:

  • Basically like Kangaxx the Demilich (see Kangaxx ▸ Strategy), but with 100% magic and elemental resistance and two high-level spellcaster minions.
  • ...

The "Key of the Death" dropped by the demi-lich lets you enter the ↓ Sanctuary directly, without having to bother with exploration and puzzles.


Upon entering this room in the center of the bottom map portion, your party is confronted by Zatac, the end-boss of the ice temple, who calls herself a goddess. She attacks together with her minions, which includes the corrupted spirit of the temple's former abbot:

Boss iconZatac: details & loot
Creature Stats Kill reward
Zatac Malarchite • lvl 38 • 224 HPAC -18 • THAC0 -16 • 3 APR • uses +6 weapon (slashing + random elemental damage) • immune to +3 weapons and lower • 80% MR • 100% elemental resist.[29] • 30% physical resist.[30]
  • 40,000 exp
  • The Sunrise +5 [NEWFLSU] (flail; insta-kills orcs; protects against +1 and lower weapons)
  • 1228 gp
Abbot Baurmin Wraith • lvl 45 • 188 HPAC -12 • THAC0 -4 • 3 APR • uses +2 weapon (piercing + paralyze) and spellcasting • immune to +2 weapons and lower • undead immunities • 80% MR • 100% elemental resist.[31] • 50% slashing/crushing/piercing resist. • 100% missile resist.
  • 28,500 exp
  • Potion of Ascendance) [NEWPO02] (+10 AC and saves for 2 rounds)
4× Malarchite lvl 18 to 22 • 111 to 144 HPAC -16 • THAC0 -8 • 2 APR • uses +3 weapon (slashing + random elemental damage) and spellcasting • immune to +2 weapons and lower • 20% MR • 100% fire/electr. resist. • 20% cold resist. • 10% acid resist. • 10% physical resist.[32] • regeneration
  • 15,000 to 16,000 exp

Combat advice:

  • ...
  • SIDE-QUEST: "Wulfgar's Wife" (conclusion)
    If Wulfgar is in the party, the body of his murdered wife lies in the pit behind Zatac, and Zatac taunts him about it before the battle.
    After the battle, Wulfgar automatically picks up his wife's body into his inventory. Beogorn and his fellow barbarians, if still alive, leave your party at this point.
    Take the stairs back up to ↑ Level 1, and make your way to the ↑ Healing chamber there. Shortly after Wulfgar enters this chamber, his wife is resurrected. Each party member gets 30,000 exp, and Wulfgar leaves the party to take his wife back to Bremen. He rejoins the party once it also returns there.

You can leave the ice temple compound the way you came in.


  1. to slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  2. to fire/cold/electricity/acid
  3. Potion of Resilience
  4. to slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  5. to slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  6. to slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  7. to fire/cold/electricity/acid
  8. to slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  9. They are merely leftovers from the Icewind Dale II game, from which this area's background art was taken – and not connected to any quest content in this mod.
  10. Meteor Swarm trap. Might be undetectable – more research needed.
  11. to fire/cold/electricity/acid
  12. to fire/cold/electricity/acid
  13. to fire/cold/electricity/acid
  14. to slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  15. fire/cold/electricity/acid
  16. fire/cold/electricity/acid
  17. Poison Mist, Lightning Mist, Fire Mist, and Ice Mist
  18. 2 shelves with 1 "Elixir of Life" each.
  19. Clicking the doorway brings up this inscription as floating text.
  20. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  21. fire/cold/electricity/acid
  22. 2nd side-room.
  23. 3rd side-room.
  24. Item code IWDROCK.
  25. Item code IWDKEY3
  26. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  27. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  28. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  29. fire/cold/electricity/acid
  30. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  31. fire/cold/electricity/acid
  32. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile