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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Hunting Forest (or just Forest) is a worldmap-accessible wilderness area in north-east Amn added by the Region of Terror mod, that is visited during the side-quests "Hunting" and "Revenge on the Behalf of Hands".

How to get there[]

Travel to Westchar, and there accept one or both of the side-quest:

Both quest givers mark the Hunting Forest on your worldmap.


This location consists of three maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Outdoors map
  • Hunt enough animals to get 13 meat. ("Hunting")
  • Reach the next map. ("Revenge")
↓ Cave level 1
  • Reach the next map. ("Revenge")
↓ Cave level 2
  • Kill the three enemies here. ("Revenge")

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Outdoors map [RA4200][]

Region of Terror mod RA4200 Hunting Forest map

This is a large BG1-style wilderness area.
Scattered about are a bunch of enemies (19 Ettins and 3 Hobgoblins). You can kill them if you want, but this isn't necessary for any quest.

For the quest "Hunting", kill game animals until you have 13 "Meat" items. There is more than enough meat available on this map:

Game animal locations
Top-left quadrant:
Bottom-left quadrant:
Top-right quadrant:
Bottom-right quadrant:

The meat is heavy, so if you don't have strong party members or a Bag of Holding, you may have to make multiple trips back to Westchar. See Westchar ▸ Hunting for the rest of this quest's walkthrough.

For the quest "Revenge on the Behalf of Hands", the outdoors map merely has two optional infopoints:

  • Clicking on the broken wagons(2300.3400) at the center-bottom shows: "These wagons are probably Hands'."
    • From one of the barrels here you can loot 20 "Arrow of Blindness" [NEWARBL].
  • Clicking on the broken wagons(3800.2600) in the bottom-right quadrant shows: "It seems that the beasts have killed again..."

The rest of this page describes the dungeon-crawl portion of the quest "Revenge on the Behalf of Hands".
In the top-right quadrant of the map, enter the easy-to-miss cave entrance (3700.1100) to get to:

Cave level 1 [RA4201][]

Region of Terror mod RA4201 Hunting Forest cave level 1 map

You start out in the bottom-right corner of this map.

There are no traps, but many enemies scattered about. You can kill them all if you want, but this isn't necessary for the quest:

The only lootable container is the pile(2500.200) near the top-right corner, which contains:

The exit(500.200) to the next map is near the top-left corner. It leads to:

Cave level 2 [RA4202][]

Region of Terror mod RA4202 Hunting Forest cave level 2 map

When you enter this small side-cave, the ettin leader Al'thur attacks together with two other ettins. These are actually the only three monsters you have to kill for this quest.
Once all three are dead, an on-screen message appears: "The revenge has been taken."

Al'thur drops:

  • "Studded Leather +4" [NEWLE01]
  • minor random treasure

From the pool of water behind them, you can loot:

  • "Protective Long Sword +2" [NEWSWL03] (+2 AC)
  • "Hands' Son's Body" [HANBB] (for higher exp reward when concluding the quest)

Return the way you came, and refer to "Revenge on the Behalf of Hands" for the conclusion of the walkthrough for this quest.