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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Hermit's Outpost is a wilderness area near Bremen, added by the Region of Terror mod.

How to get there[]

Take the western path out of The Waypoint.


This location consists of four maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Main map
  • Defeat a frost giant. ("The Hermit")
  • Reach the hidden passage. ("Weapons Missing")
↓ Hermit's hut
  • Talk to the hermit. ("The Hermit")
↓ Hidden passage
  • Reach the cave. ("Weapons Missing")
↓ Icebeard's cave
  • Defeat Thorin Icebeard ("Weapons Missing")

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Main map [RA5600][]

Region of Terror mod RA5600 Hermits Outpost map

You arrive[1] near the center of the right map edge. The area is crawling with monsters:

Enemy icon Monster details & loot
Count Creature Stats Drops
6 Tundra Yeti 122 HPAC -8 • THAC0 1 -
1 Yv (a Malarchite) 164 HPAC -17 • THAC0 -9 • 20% MR • 100% fire/electr. resist. • 20% cold resist. • 10% acid resist. • 10% physical resist.[2]
  • Cloak of Disappearance [NEWCK01] (invisibility + haste)
  • 344 gp
... ... ... ...

Combat advice:

  • ...

There is no loot on this map other than what the monsters drop.

The bottom-left map exit leads to the Ice Temple, a major location which has its own walkthrough page (so refer to that).
The other minor maps reachable from here are documented in the following sections:

Hermit's hut [RA5620][]

This tiny hut is located at the top edge of the main map. You find the Hermit inside. He sleeps at night, but during the day you can talk to him:

  • He can give you directions to Icebeard's cave (see below) and to the Ice Temple.
  • If you ask what you can do for him, he gives you a side-quest (see #The Hermit below).

The chest by his bed cannot be opened at first, but becomes relevant during his quest.

Hidden passage [RA5610][]

Region of Terror mod RA5610 Hermits Outpost hidden passage map

This side-area is reached by taking the easy-to-miss top-right exit from the main map.

If you are doing the side-quest "Weapons Missing", or simply want some more combat, follow the short passageway (which contains only a single hostile critter) to get to a cave entrance. Enter:

Icebeard's cave [RA5611][]

Region of Terror mod RA5611 Hermits Outpost Icebeards cave map

This is the cave that Fenedon Tremp directed you to search at the start of the side-quest "Weapons Missing".
If you have Wulfgar in the party as you enter this map, his weapon "Aegis Fang +4" magically comes to him[3].

Fight your way through Tundra Yetis, Rabid Yetis, Frost Giants, Frost Golemns, and Hook Horrors.
At the end of the winding tunnel, you meet the frost giant leader Thorin Icebeard, who attacks you on sight.

Boss iconThorin Icebeard: details


212 HPAC ? • THAC0 ? • 50% MR • 100% cold resist. • 40% acid/electr. resist. • 20% fire resist. • 20% physical resist.[4]

Minions: 2 Frost Giants

Combat advice:

  • ...

If you have the quest in your journal, or have Drizzt and/or Wulfgar in the party, then[5] in addition to minor treasure, you can loot Thorin's body for:

  • Drizzt's property:
    • Scimitar +5, Twinkle [DRIZZTDE] (+2 AC)
    • Scimitar +3, Icingdeath [DRIZZTFR] (100% fire resist.)
  • Wulfgar's property:
    • Aegis Fang +4 [AEGISFA] (war hammer)unless it already came to Wulfgar when you entered the map.

This concludes the side-quest Bremen ▸ Weapons Missing.


The Hermit[]

  • Ask the Hermit in his hut what you can do for him.
    He tells you to retrieve his supplies from Bremen.
  • Travel back to Bremen, enter the warehouse, and talk to Quintin Pinewood there. He gives you the "Hermit's Supplies" [SUPPLIES].
  • Bring the supplies to the Hermit in his hut. You get 500 exp per party member, but only if you directly accept his follow-up task.
  • The follow-up task is to retrieve a special gem.
    The gem is carried by a Frost Giant(600.1400) in the center-left part of the the main Hermit's Outpost map. Kill the giant and loot the "Hermit's Gem" [HERMGEM] off its body[6].
  • Bring the gem to the Hermit. He unlocks the chest beside his bed, and says that he can finally die now. You get 1000 exp per party member, the party automatically rests, and afterwards you find the Hermit dead in his bed.
  • Optionally, loot the now-unlocked chest for:
    • "Hermit's Journal" [HERBOOK] (some background lore)
    • "Mysterious Scroll" [HERSCRL] (a quest item that opens a door in the Ice Temple)


  1. From The Waypoint.
  2. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  3. I.e. it disappears from Thorin Icebeard's inventory and appears in Wulfgar's inventory.
  4. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  5. If you enter the cave while none of these conditions apply, then the weapons disappear forever.
  6. If you already killed that group of giants earlier, you probably looted the gem already.