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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Gaidan's Castle is a worldmap-accessible location added by the Region of Terror mod, visited during the side-quest "Eleana and the Scroll".

It is a castle near Arlax, occupied by a gang of bandits under the command of their leader Gaidan.

How to get there[]

Start the side-quest "Eleana and the Scroll" in Arlax, and complete the first step (meeting the merchant in Athkatla) within the 10-day time limit.
The merchant marks "Gaidan's Castle" on your worldmap, a little to the south-west of Arlax.


This dungeon consists of four maps, plus one small task-specific map:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Outdoors map
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Floor 1
  • Confront Bryne to unlock the invisible door blocking the way onward.
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Floor 2
  • OPTIONAL: Free two "Noble Hostages".
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Floor 3
  • Kill Gaidan or accept his task.
↓ Caravan ambush map
(only during Gaidan's task)
  • Murder the merchant and soldiers.

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Outdoors map [RA4700][]

Region of Terror mod RA4700 Gaidans Castle outdoors map

You arrive on the right edge of the map, at the start of a draw-bridge.

Feel free to explore this whole area if you want the exp from disarming the many trapsTrap icon and defeating Gaidan's many thievesEnemy icon ("Desperados", "Trained Bandits", "Trained Muggers", "Trained Thugs") who attack you on sight. However, there is no loot other than the generic +1 equipment dropped by the thieves.

To move on, take the path down after the draw-bridge, and make your way left.

Near the center of the left map edge, a tunnel(600.2100) leads into the castle:

Floor 1 [RA4701][]

Region of Terror mod RA4701 Gaidans Castle floor 1 map

This level also has a fair amount of floor trapsTrap icon and hostile thieves.
There are containers worth looting (some of them trappedTrapped container icon):

Container icon Lootable containers
Room Non-trivial loot
center ▸ shrine:
center ▸ lower dormitory:
  • Frozen Crystal [FROZORB] (crafting ingredient)
  • 20 Electrical Dart [NEWDR01] (+2d4 electr. damage)
  • 20 Dart of the Stone [NEWDR02] (pretrifies target)
  • rare gems
top-right edge ▸ dining room:
  • rare potions[1]
top corner ▸ armory:
  • The Protector +1 [NEWSHP1] (crafting component)
  • Eye Piercer +2 [NEWSPR01] (spear +2; inflicts blindness)
  • generic +2 weapons and shields[2]
top-left edge ▸ top room:
  • potions
top-left edge ▸ middle room:
  • Studded Leather +4 [NEWLE01]
  • potions
top-left edge ▸ lower room:
  • 3 spell scrolls (level 7)[3]
  • 20 Bolt of Fire [NEWBO01] (+4d4 fire damage)
  • 20 Bolt +3 [NEWBO02]

In the room just above the center, you encounter Bryne(2000.1000) with his thief companions Strak, Delei, and Jenavieve. He initiates dialog, and offers to take you to the castle owner Gaidan. You have two choices:

  • CHOICE: Accept the offer.
    A cutscene starts where Bryne leads you to the room containing the staircase upwards, takes down the magical force field blocking the door (1050.1150) to that room, and then (still in cutscene mode) leads your main character right into a Chain Lightning trap in that room. (Unless you have Regis in your party, who shouts "Don't go! There's a trap on the ground!", thus concluding the cutscene without springing the trap.)
    The four thieves then turn hostile and ambush you.
  • CHOICE: Refuse the offer.
    The four thieves attack you.
    Afterwards, you can pick up "Key to Gaidan's Doors" [GAIKEY] from Bryne's body. It lets you pass the magical force field blocking the door (1050.1150) to the room containing the staircase upwards.

Whereas the other thieves on this map only drop generic +1 loot, Bryne's party has better equipment:

Boss iconBryne's party: details & loot
Enemy Stats Loot
Strak lvl 15 Sword of Flame +1, Studded Leather Armor +2, minor random loot
Delei lvl 12 Cutthroat +4, Studded Leather Armor +2, minor random loot
Bryne lvl 15 Wakizashi +2, Ninja-To +2, Studded Leather Armor +2, minor random loot, Key to Gaidan's Doors
Jenavieve lvl 12 Scimitar +1, Shadow Armor +3, minor random loot

Combat advice:

  • ...

Take the stairs (700.1100) up to floor 2.

Floor 2 [RA4702][]


In the bottom-left prison cells, a "Noble Hostage" (840.1820) can be freed for 2000 exp.


In the top-left prison cells, a "Noble Hostage" (280.760) can be freed for 6000 exp.


Take the stairs (1200.4700) up to floor 3.

Floor 3 [RA4703][]

This floor is just one small room, in which the castle's boss Gaidan awaits you with a few of his underlings.
He initiates conversation as soon as you enter, and wants to make a deal: You murder a caravan merchant for him in exchange for the scroll. You have two choices:

  • CHOICE: Accept Gaidan's evil deal.
    You are then teleported to the caravan ambush map — skip to the next section on this page.
  • CHOICE: Refuse.
    You then have to fight him.

If you decided to fight Gaidan, you are up against:

[TODO: Add enemy details and combat advice here.]

Afterwards, pick up Eleana's scroll (named "Scroll") from Gaidan's body, and loot the rest of the room.

You can then backtrack out of the castle the way you came, and use the scroll to complete the "Eleana and the Scroll" side-quest.

Caravan ambush map [RA4800][]

You are teleported to this small wilderness area by Gaidan, if you accepted his deal.

Kill the merchant and his soldiers on the left side of the map. A short while after thery are dead, one of Gaidan's underlings gives you Eleana's scroll and teleports you back to the Gaidan's Castle outdoors map.

You can then use the scroll to complete the "Eleana and the Scroll" side-quest.