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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Esath's Farms, just labeled "Farms" in the original version, is a worldmap-accessible location added by the Region of Terror mod, visited during the side-quest "Helping the Farmers".

These are some outlying farmlands near Arlax, cultivated by Esath and other farmers. They are currently threatened by an evil power that has already extinguished the nearby mining settlement.

How to get there[]

Accept Esath's side-quest "Helping the Farmers" in Arlax.
He marks "Farms" on your worldmap, a little to the east of Arlax.

⚠️ Time limit: You have to arrive at the Farms map within 10 days of accepting the quest, if you want to save the farmers. (But once you have visited once, there is no longer a time limit – you can safely leave the location and return later.)


This location consists of four major maps (not counting the farm house interiors):

Map Quest objectives
↓ Farms
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Mining settlement
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Mines level 1
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Mines level 2
  • Defeat Galangar.

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Farms [RA4500][]

Region of Terror mod RA4500 Farms map

NOTE: If you took more than 10 days to first come here since accepting the quest, then all the farmers are dead, and monsters swarm the area instead. You can still do the quest, just without the final reward from Esath.

The farmers' three houses are in the center-left and center-right of the map. You can speak to the farmers here, but they don't have anything useful to say. No worthwhile loot, either.

Follow the road north, and leave via the top edge of the map to arrive at:

Mining settlement [RA4600][]

Region of Terror mod RA4600 Farms mining settlement map

Fight your way north, up the mountain, through groups of elite orcs.
(There are no traps or lootable containers.)

The mines entrance in the top-right corner (4200.900) is guarded by two Fire Giants. Enter:

Mines level 1 [RA4601][]

Region of Terror mod RA4601 Farms mines level 1 map

The mines are filled with particularly nasty monsters that can inflict level drain, stat drain, poison, stun, or panic:

Enemy icon Monster details
Creature type Stats Count Drops
Minion of Darkness undead shadow • lvl 10 15 minor random treasure
Warrior of Horror undead skeleton • lvl 9 7 Two-handed Sword +2,
minor random treasure
Bone Golem golem • lvl 14 3 -
Poison Mist mist • lvl 6 3 -
Vampiric Mist undead mist • lvl 5 3 -
Wandering Horror undead mist • lvl 12-18 4 -
Mist Horror undead mist • lvl 12 1 -

The Minions of Darkness drain two points of Strength (for 60 seconds) on each successful melee hit. There is no saving throw, and no way to become immune. It's best to minimize the chance of getting hit (AC bonuses, Improved Invisibility, Mirror Image, kiting, etc.)

The Warriors of Horror and Bone Golems are straight-forward melee fighters, except with the immunities of undead and golems, respectively.

The Poison Mists inflict poison (2 damage/sec for 5 sec) on each successful melee hit (save vs. poison with +2 penalty negates).

The Vampiric Mists have a 18% chance of draining 1 level on each melee hit (no save, but can be blocked by Negative Plane Protection etc.), and also heal themselves by 4 HP on each hit.

The Wandering Horrors are immune to weapons of +1 or lower enchantment, and inflict stun (for 10 seconds) on each melee hit (save vs spell negates).

The Mist Horror inflicts extra cold damage and has a 30% chance of inflicting panic (save vs spell with +2 penalty negates) on each hit, and can cast Chaos once every 5 rounds. Protect yourself with Resist Fear or similar.

All in all, these monsters can easily overwhelm a low-level party. There is no shame it leaving and coming back when you are higher-level. (The quest is no longer under a time-limit at this point.)

Make your way north, past two traps Trap icon[1]. (The side corridors in the bottom half of the map don't contain anything of interest, other than monsters to fight.)

North of the bridge, the first right corridor leads to some well-guarded crates Container icon(3700.700):

Container icon Loot (top-right)

The central corridor bends left, and contains some barrels Container icon and minecarts Container icon that you can loot:

Container icon Loot (top-center)
  • 20 Blizzard Bullet +1 [NEWBUIC] (+2 cold damage)
  • 20 Thunder Bullet +1 [NEWBULI] (+2 electr. damage)
  • 20 Bolt of Fire [NEWBO01] (+4d4 fire damage)
  • 20 Bolt +3 [NEWBO02]
  • rare potions [2]

Past another trap[3] near the center-top map edge, is the the tunnel(1600.100) to the next level. Enter:

Mines level 2 [RA4602][]

Region of Terror mod RA4602 Farms mines level 2 map

This map is filled with largely the same monster types as the previous one.
There are no traps, however.
Of the many containers, only a few actually hold loot:

Container icon Lootable containers
top-right alcove:(3300.400)
top-left minecarts:(1450.600) and (1600.700)
top-center minecarts:(2000.1000) and (2000.1100)
bottom-center minecart:(1900.1800)
left room minecart:(900.1900)
left room weapon racks:(700.1800) and (500.1800)

Just to the right of the center of the map, is a small underground lake. On the bridge over this lake stands Galangar, a lich.
When he sees you, he brags about his desire to bring suffering and death to the farmers, summons a "Minion of Darkness" to aid him, and attacks. (There may also be two Bone Golems with him, if they haven't wandered off yet.)

Boss iconGalangar:  details & loot
Stats: lich • level 11 • 122 HP
  • Katana of Ice +2 [ICEKAT] (+5 cold damage)
  • Katana of Fire +2 [FIRKAT] (+5 fire damage)
  • minor random treasure

Strategy: He has a normal lich combat script, so see that article for strategy advice.

Defeat him (45,000 exp), to end the threat to the farmers.


You can then backtrack out of the mines the way you came, and out of the mining settlement via the bottom map edge (3400.3800).

Back on the "Farms" map, report back to Esath, who now stands at the bottom-left exit (800.3500), for 20,000 exp per party member.

The chest in Esath's house here is now filled with non-unique treasure that wasn't there before. Take what you want.

This concludes the "Helping the Farmers" side-quest.


  1. Horror trap at the entrance chamber; Energy Drain trap before the bridge
  2. 2 Potion of Mirrored Eyes, 1 Potion of Vocalization [NEWPO03], 1 Elixir of Life [NEWPO01]
  3. Arrow of Slaying trap
  4. 1 Horn Coral Gem, 1 Pearl, 1 Sphene Gem, 1 Black Opal, 1 Water Opal, 1 Diamond
  5. 2 Potion of Mirrored Eyes, 1 Potion of Fire Breath, 3 Antidote
  6. 2 Star Diopside Gem, 3 Shandon Gem, 2 Aquamarine Gem
  7. Elixir of Life [NEWPO01]