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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Emanath's Pocket Plane is a dungeon added by the Region of Terror mod, visited via teleportation portal during the side-quest Westchar in Troubles.

It is a small plane of existence created by the mage Emanath from Westchar, who calls himself the "Ultima Master".

How to get there[]

Travel to Westchar and accept the side-quest Westchar in Troubles, in order to get access to Emanath's home where a portal leads you to this pocket plane.


This dungeon consists of five maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Outdoors map
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Ground floor
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Basement
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Andaxll'layah's lair
  • Get the key from the dragon.
↓ Emanath's domain
  • Defeat Emanath, or convince him to leave.

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map:

Outdoors map [RA3010][]

Region of Terror mod RA3010 Emanaths Pocket Plane outdoors map

You start out on a plank that seemingly floats in space. Walk forward until you reach some stairs – an efreeti initiates conversation there, and no matter what you say, attacks. Defeat him.

Go up the stairs to the small building, and enter its door (1300.500) to:

Ground floor [RA3011][]

Region of Terror mod RA3011 Emanaths Pocket Plane ground floor map

This map consists of a small room with no enemies. Loot what you want:

Trapped container icon Lootable containers
left chest:
  • 28gp.
left cupboard:
middle chest:
(trappedFinger of Death & locked)
  • Ring of Spell Casting [NEWRISP]
  • 40 Blizzard Bullet +1 [NEWBUIC]
  • minor random treasure.
right chest:
  • gems and minor random treasure.

Take the staircase down to:

Basement [RA3013][]

Region of Terror mod RA3013 Emanaths Pocket Plane basement map

This is a larger map. You start out in the left-most room, where five "Enchanted Orogs/Orcs" (including a mage) attack you.

Make your way through the level, past a total of 7 floor trapsTrap icon in the hallways as well as many more enchanted orcs/orogs/ogres. Points of interest are:

  • In the center-right corner (2100.1500) you encounter Cab'ul, an enchancted ogre. He attacks you like all the unnamed ones, and drops the "Medium Shield +3" [NEWSM01]
  • The top room (1300.700) has the biggest battle, with 12 enchanted orcs and ogres (7 of them mages).
  • The left exit (900.500) in the top room is blocked, and the wall inscription next to it reads "The Dragon has the key". You will return to it shortly.

From the top room, take the right staircase (2000.700) down to:

Andaxll'layah's lair [RA3015][]

Region of Terror mod RA3015 Emanaths Pocket Plane Andaxlllayahs lair map

Walk forward until you meet Andaxll'layah, a green dragon, who initiates conversation. No matter what you say, it ends in battle.

Boss iconAndaxll'layah:  details & loot
Stats: green dragon • level 23 • 220 HP
  • "Key to the Ultima" [ULTKEY] (quest item)
  • "Cervan's Morning Star +4" [NEWCL02] (berserks target)
  • 1 "Acid Gem" [ACIDGEM] (crafting ingredient)
  • 3810 gp

Strategy: ...[TODO: Add combat advice here]...

Be sure to pick up the key. Return to the basement map, and there take the previously-inaccessible top-left exit (900.500) which teleports you to:

Emanath's domain [RA3014][]

Region of Terror mod RA3014 Emanaths Pocket Plane Emanaths domain map

This is a small area of empty space, bounded by protective runes.
Walk forward, until Emanath initiates conversation.
There are two ways to resolve the encounter:

  • CHOICE: Convince Emenath to leave peacefully

    If you want to resolve the encounter peacefully, ask him about his motivations and then when it comes up, take the following dialog path to convince him to leave:

    1. "[...] I killed your dragon. [...]"
    2. "[...] You can still walk away..." or "[...] You have still time to leave..."
    3. "Well, think of all the adventures [...]" or "The world is large. [...]"
    4. "I recognize the soul of an adventurer. [...]" or "That's exactly what I mean. [...]"

    This grants you 15,000 exp per party member, but no loot.
    5 seconds later, the pocket plane collapses and your party is automatically teleported back to Emanath's house in Westchar.

  • CHOICE: Kill Emenath

    Most of his dialoig options lead to him attacking you.
    He is a level 23 mage with 155 HP and some nasty special abilities.
    [TODO: Add combat advice here.]

    Defeating him is worth 60,000 kill exp. Quickly pick up his loot afterwards:

    • "Ultima Robe" (+50% elemental resistance; evil mages only)
    • "Ultima Cloak" (no properties)
    • "Ultima Staff" (+2 INT, +2 AC, Free Action, 5% chance to cast "Ultima" on hit)
    • 1 "Ultima" scroll (level 9 mage spell)
    • 1660 gp

    30 seconds after Emanath's death, the pocket plane collapses and your party is automatically teleported back to Emanath's house in Westchar.

You can now complete the Westchar in Troubles side-quest – follow that link for details.