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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Dragon Sanctuary is a location near Bremen, added by the Region of Terror mod.

In BGT and EET, this location has two worldmap markers: "Maze" and "Aerie of Dragons".

How to get there[]

Take the eastern path out of The Waypoint.

The first time you click that map exit, you end up where you came from and the message "(...What?)" appears over your protagonist's head[1]. But the second time, it works.


This location consists of seven maps:

Map Quest objectives
↓ Snow corridor
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Maze ▸ level 1
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Maze ▸ level 2
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Main compound
  • Enter the temple.
↓ Main compound ▸ temple
  • Get the key for the basement.
↓ Main compound ▸ basement foyer
  • Reach the next map.
↓ Main compound ▸ basement library
  • Loot.

The following sections provide a more detailed walkthrough for each map.

Snow corridor [RA5410][]

Region of Terror mod RA5410 Dragon Sanctuary corridor map

This is where you first arrive[2].

Two stationary whirlwinds at the corridor walls can blow you away (wing buffet effect) if you get too close. At the end of the corridor is a purple portal, but for now, clicking it only shows the message "You cannot enter. The chaos blows you away."

Before the portal stands the dragon Fanguarrax, stiff and looking like an ice statue. Attack him, and he comes to life. Defeat him.

Boss iconFanguarrax: details


Red Dragon • lvl 23 • 198 HPAC -13 • THAC0 -13 • 80% MR • 100% elemental resist.[3] • 50% physical resist.[4]

Combat advice:

  • ...

Once he is dead, the portal at the end of the corridor becomes functional. Enter it to arrive at:

Maze ▸ level 1 [RA5416][]

Region of Terror mod RA5416 Dragon Sanctuary maze level 1 map

(In BGT and EET, this area is marked on the worldmap as "Maze".)

From where you enter, the zig-zag corridor to the bottom-right of the map is blocked by three ice obstacles, each accompanied by a powerful guardian ("Zacare"). Defeat each Zacare to lower the corresponding obstacle.

Enemy iconZacare: details & loot
Creature Stats Drops
Zacare #1 Cambion[5] spellcaster • lvl 38 • 220 HPAC -14 • THAC0 -12/-8 • hits inflict blindness • immune to +2 and lower weapons • 100% MR • 100% elemental resist.[6] -
Zacare #2 Harpy[7] • lvl 38 • 220 HPAC -14 • THAC0 -15 • hits inflict +30 slashing +30 non-lethal +30 magic +30 poison +30 fire +30 magic-fire +30 cold +30 magic-cold +30 acid +30 electr. damage • immune to +3 and lower weapons • 80% MR • 100% elemental resist.[8] • 30% physical resist.[9] -
Zacare #3 Hook Horror[10] • lvl 46 • 220 HPAC -14 • THAC0 -12 • hits insta-kill (save vs death at -4 to resist) • immune to +3 and lower weapons • 100% MR • 75% physical resist.[11]
  • Armor of Darkness +4 [NEWFP02] (AC -2; +2 damage & THAC0 vs good)

Combat advice:

  • ...

In the rest of the corridor from here to the exit, you come across 9 shapes made of little flames on the floor. Each shape you step on causes additional enemies to spawn, so advance slowly.

Enemy iconFlame shapes: details & loot
Shape Creatures Drops
1. Circle 4 Fire Salamanders,
1 Great Fire Salamander
2. Circle 3 Greater Ice Golems. -
3. Circle 3 Death Claws. -
4. Rectangle 1 Shadow Samurai -
5. Rectangle 2 Abishai -
6. Rectangle 2 Poison Mists,
1 Ice Mist,
1 Fire Mist
7. Triangle
1 Lesser Ruby Golem -
8. Triangle
1 Green Slime King -
9. Triangle
Garth Frosthammer The Violet Hammer +2 [NEWHM01] (inflicts wild magic)

Combat advice:

  • ...

At the end of the corridor, take the exit to get to:

Maze ▸ level 2 [RA5411][]

Region of Terror mod RA5411 Dragon Sanctuary maze level 2 map

This is the only map here that has floor trapsTrap icon.
The combat is straight-forward, but messy because the ice walls are see-through, causing monsters to seek you out:

Enemy icon Monster details & loot
Creature Stats Drops Count
... ... ... ...

Combat advice:

  • ...

Take the exit at the other end to get to:

Main compound [RA5412][]

Region of Terror mod RA5412 Dragon Sanctuary map

This is the actual sanctuary. Arriving here completes the quest "Dragons' Sanctuary".
(In BGT and EET, this area is marked on the worldmap as "Aerie of Dragons".)

There are trash mobs of Winter Wolves, Black Bears, and Tundra Yetis scattered about – but of course the main attraction are the dragons.

In the top-left corner of the map, you find the sleeping silver dragon Gangollayah. When you approach it, it wakes up and attacks:

Boss iconGangollayah: details & loot
Creature Stats Kill reward
Gangollayah LG Silver Dragon • level 23 • 224 HPAC -12 • THAC0 -14 • uses claw (+5 slashing weapon), dragon breath (24d10+12 cold damage + stun), wing buffet, dragon fear, and spellcasting • 60% MR • 100% cold resist. • 90% electr. resist. • 80% acid resist. • 50% fire resist. • 25% physical resist.[12]
  • 48,000 exp
  • The Violet Hammer +2 [NEWHM01] (inflicts wild magic)
  • 2665 gp

Combat advice:

  • ...

In the center of the map, just outside the temple entrance, there are three more dragons huddled together. At night (9:30 pm to 5:30 am), they are asleep and only wake up if you attack them. But if you approach them during the day, they initiate conversation:

  • If you call them "arrogant beasts", they attack you.
  • Otherwise, they agree to let you go so that the Great One in the temple (see next section) can deal with you.
Boss iconDragon trio: details & loot
Creature Stats Kill reward
Mandegora CE Green Dragon • level 23 • 220 HPAC -19 • THAC0 -10 • uses claw (+2 slashing weapon), dragon breath (24d10+12 acid damage), wing buffet, dragon fear, and spellcasting • 50% MR • 50% elemental resist.[13] • 50% missile resist. • 20% slashing/crushing/piercing resist.
  • 58,000 exp
  • Robe of the Regent [NEWRO02] (100% acid & poison resist.)
  • 3455 gp
Hequistus LG Blue Dragon • level 33 • 254 HPAC -15 • THAC0 -10 • uses claw (+5 slashing weapon), dragon breath (24d10+12 cold damage[14] + stun), wing buffet, dragon fear, and spellcasting • 60% MR • 100% cold/electr. resist. • 25% physical resist.[15]
Grizidamonn'yt CE Black Dragon • level 23 • 211 HPAC -17 • THAC0 -10 • uses claws (+5 piercing/slashing weapons), dragon breath (24d4+12 acid damage), wing buffet, dragon fear, and spellcasting • 45% MR • 100% acid resist. • 20% fire/cold/electr. resist. • 20% physical resist.[16]
  • 52,000 exp
  • Light Crossbow of Death [NEWXB02] (sets APR to 1)
  • 1345 gp

Combat advice:

  • The dragon breaths are especially devastating, as they can easily one-shot unprotected party members. Cast Protection From Cold and Protection From Acid on them before the battle.
  • The dragon's physical attacks hit pretty hard too, so summon tough creatures (like Planetars) before the battle and position them on the front-line to soak up hits.

Enter the temple:

Main compound ▸ temple [RA5415][]

Region of Terror mod RA5415 Dragon Sanctuary temple map

Inside this temple waits The Great One, the strongest dragon of the sanctuary. He berates you, and then attacks:

Boss iconThe Great One: details & loot
Creature Stats Kill reward
The Great One

CE Gold Dragon • level 33 • 264 HPAC -20 • THAC0 -15 • 80% MR • 100% elemental resist.[17] • 20% physical resist.[18]


  • 130,000 exp
  • Treasure Key [DRAKEY1] (needed to get into the basement)
  • Golden Dragon's Scales [NEWGSCA] (crafting component)
  • Bright Orange Ioun Stone [NEWHE02] (STR set to 22)
  • 5834 gp

Combat advice:

  • ...

There is nothing else of interest in the temple.
Beware that if you exit the temple after defeating the Great One, the three dragons outside the temple will angrily attack you if you haven't fought them yet (see previous section).

Main compound ▸ basement foyer [RA5413][]

Region of Terror mod RA5413 Dragon Sanctuary foyer map

The entrance[19] to the basement is at the bottom of the main compound outdoors map.
It is locked, and can only be opened using the "Treasure Key" that you can loot from The Great One in the temple (see previous section).

Once you are in the basement foyer, go forward to enter:

Main compound ▸ basement library [RA5414][]

Region of Terror mod RA5414 Dragon Sanctuary library map

This is where the dragons' treasure is stored.
There are three containers with loot (none of them locked or trapped):

Container icon Lootable containers
top-right table 1:
top-right table 2:

And that's it for the Dragon Sanctuary!

Follow-up notes:


  1. Presumably, this is meant to indicate that the Dragon Sanctuary has strong magical protections.
  2. From The Waypoint
  3. fire/cold/electricity/acid
  4. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  5. Based on the animation. His race is actually coded as human.
  6. fire/cold/electricity/acid
  7. Based on the animation. Her race is actually coded as "no race".
  8. fire/cold/electricity/acid
  9. slashing/crushing/piercing/missile
  10. Based on the animation. Its race is actually coded as "no race".
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  13. fire/cold/electricity/acid
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  19. 3 equivalent doors next to each other. It does not matter which one you take.