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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Bremen is a town added by the Region of Terror mod.

It is a frontier town located far to the north, in the tundra of the Icewind Dale region (beyond the northern end of the Sword Coast).
The town has recently faced a devastating attack by monsters.

How to get there[]

Edomis Galdenburg appears in Athkatla's Gates district once you have 3 million+ exp (and have or had Drizzt in the party). He asks you to escort him to Icewind Dale. If you do not want to go right away, he waits for you here indefinitely. Once you agree, he takes you to Bremen via cut-scene.

TIP: Bring Wulfgar along if you want to do his personal quest.

Map [RA5100][]

Region of Terror mod RA5100 Bremen map

(Some versions of the mod may have the mayor's house, Matthew's house, and Deli's store switched.) [TODO: research needed]


Shopkeeper Location Inventory
Deli Riversmouth her shop weapons & armor (mostly generic), ammunition, potions, bags



The cleric Alissa stands outdoors near the warehouse, and joins your party if asked. She has a personal quest.
See Companions ▸ Alissa for details.

How to leave[]

Bremen's northern gate, to the surrounding Icewind Dale countryside (The Waypoint and beyond), is initially locked – but opens when you do one of the following:

To return to Amn, talk to Drent who stands near the stairs in the bottom-left corner of Bremen during day-time[1]. (Beware that this means leaving Bremen behind for good.)


Quest Quest-giver Leads you to
Weapons Missing
(dungeoun crawl – requires Drizzt)
Fenedon Tremp
Hermit's Outpost
Lamorine's Brother
(escort quest)  ⚠️ time limit
Mountain Reaches
Dragons' Sanctuary
(dungeon crawl)
Dragon Sanctuary
What is Matthew up to?
(dungeoun crawl)
Mayor's Assistant
(mayor's house)
Cult of the Beast
The Hunters
(small quest)
Quintin Pinewood
The Waypoint
The Depressed People
Mayor Dobrine
(mayor's house)

A walkthrough for each quest follows below.

Weapons Missing[]

  • Optionally talk to Fenedon Tremp in the shelter (big tent) in Bremen. He tells you that Drizzt's and Wulfgar's signature weapons (which they had left with him last time they met) were stolen. He directs you to the cave of Thorin Icebeard.
  • Leave Bremen through its northern gate to reach The Waypoint, and from there take the left trail to reach the Hermit's Outpost.
    Optionally, ask the hermit in his hut there for directions to the cave.
  • Refer to Hermit's Outpost ▸ Hidden passage (and subsequent section) for the dungeon-crawl portion of this quest walkthrough.
    (The short version is that you must reach and defeat Thorin Icebeard to get the weapons back.)

Lamorine's Brother[]

  • Talk to Lamorine inside the warehouse in Bremen. She asks you to protect her brother Torvald who is hiking down the mountains.
    ⚠️ Time limit: You must find Torvald within 5 days after accepting the quest, if you want to save him!
  • Feel free to do other things first though, because Torvald can only be found once at least 2 days have passed since accepting the quest.
  • When you are ready, leave Bremen through its northern gate to reach The Waypoint, and from there take the northern trail to the Mountain Reaches. See that page for details on finding Torvald and escorting him back to Bremen safely.
  • If you managed to bring Torvald back alive, talk to Lamorine in the warehouse again to get 20,000 exp per party member.

Dragons' Sanctuary[]

  • Optionally talk to Martwyn in the inn in Bremen. He claims to have passed through the so-called "impassable lands" and found a dragon temple.
  • Leave Bremen through its northern gate to reach The Waypoint.
  • From there, take the right trail and click that map exit. Your party embarks, but then finds themselves back where they were (at The Waypoint), and your protagonist exclains "(...What?)"[2]
    Apparently, these are the "impassable lands".
    To successfully travel eastwards, you have three options:
    • OPTION: Turn your entire party invisible (via spells, stealth, etc.).[3]
    • OPTION: Return to Martwyn. He explains to you how to pass through, after which it works.
    • OPTION: Or, just click the map exit a second time. It just works this time, making the above two options pretty pointless. Possibly a bug?
  • After successfully taking the east exit from The Waypoint, you arrive at a snow corridor. Refer to the Dragon Sanctuary page for the remainder of this quest walkthrough.
    (The short version is that you must pass the guardian, and fight your way through a maze, in order to reach the actual sanctuary.)

What is Matthew up to?[]

  • Ask the Mayor's Assistant (in the back room of the mayor's house in Bremen) for a task. He tells you to investigate what Matthew Wyndon is doing at night.
  • When it's close to midnight (between 23:30 and 01:30 o'clock), pick the lock to Matthew's house and enter. Instead of Matthew, you find a shimmering portal inside – and a dialog panel automatically pops up to give you two options:
    • CHOICE: Enter the portal.
    • CHOICE: Report back to the Mayor's Assistant.
      You automaticallty exit the house. Talk to the Mayor's Assistant in the mayor's house again. You can tell him to end the quest (3000 exp per party member), or agree to investigate further. In the latter case, return to the portal and this time step through it.
  • Refer to the Cult of the Beast article for a walkthrough of the dungeon-crawl portion of this quest.
    (The short version is that you can either fight or join the evil cult that operates at the other side of the portal.)
  • After you have entered the portal once, regardless of how much you did on the other side, you can report back to the Mayor's Assistant for 5000 exp per party member.

The Hunters[]

  • 3+ days after Bremen's north gate first opened for you (see #How to leave above), return to the gate to see a cutscene of Quintin Pinewood worrying about a party of hunters that haven't returned.
  • Talk to Quintin inside the warehouse in Bremen afterwards, and agree to search for the hunters.
  • Leave Bremen through its northern gate to reach The Waypoint, and walk to the trail intersection in the center of that map to find a caravan(2200.1400) that wasn't there before.
    • Surrounding it are the bodies of the hunters, and a bunch of orcs and goblins that attack you on sight.
    • Feel free to fight the monsters, although for the quest it is sufficient that your party has seen the caravan.[4]
  • Return to Quintin to tell him the bad news. You get 5000 exp per party member.

The Depressed People[]

  • Talk to Mayor Dobrine in his house in Bremen. He tells you about the melancholy that has set in after the recent monster attack. Say that you'll talk to the people.
  • During the next 7 days, many unnamed townspeople in Bremen offer a conversation about their misgivings/fears/grief when talked to.
    Such a conversations typically has the following possible outcomes:
    • +1 or +2 to town morale, if you made them feel better about staying in town.
    • -1 or -2 to town morale, if you nudged them towards leaving or made them angry.
    • No effect, if your words did not sway them either way.
Conversations details

Each conversation can only be done once.
The following table lists only one "best" and "worst" solution for each conversation, even though there are usually several equally-good alternatives:

Townsperson "Best" option "Worst" option
♀ Fighter[5]
"Excuse me?" → "What about your child?" → "Does he want to leave?" (+1) "Excuse me?" → "Alright. Leave." (-1)
♂ Villager[6]
- "You *won't* leave" → "Your life!" (-5)
♀ Villager[7]
"What do you mean?" → "Go on" → "Do you love" → "try talking with him" → "leave the pressure of the approach to him" (+1) "What do you mean?" → "Go on" → "Leave" (-1)
♀ Fighter[8]
"Let me throw this coin for you" (+1) [INT 14+, WIS 12+] "You must make a list" (-1 later[9])
♂ Villager[10]
"talk with them to make them stay" (+1/±0/-1 later[11]) [INT 15+]
♂ Villager[12]
"You mean" → "Well, leave, of course!" (+1)[13] "You mean" → "Well, stay, of course!" (-1)[13]
in Fenedon's shelter:
♂ Fighter[14] "wouldn't recommend it" → "something worth fighting for" (+1) "wouldn't recommend it" → "nothing worth fighting for" (-2)
♂ Villager[15] "Tell me something" → "Tough, huh" → "understandable" → "you do not try hard enough" → "Think of the good things" (+2) "Tell me something" → "Why haven't you left" → "you're an idiot" (-1)
♀ Villager[16] "(Hug her)" → "(Continue)" (+2) [CHA 15+, INT 15+] "Yeah! You just cry, weakling!" (-2)
in the inn ▸ floor 1:
♀ Fighter[17] "just talk to them and try to make them stay" (+1 or +2) [INT 18+] -
♂ Tavern Drunk[18] "Why do you drink?" → "non-alcoholic" → "Are you sad?" → "Then why do you drink?" → "preserve the memories" (+2) "Why do you drink?" → "non-alcoholic" → "Are you sad?" → "best if you continue" (-1)
♂ Villager[19] "tell me a little" → "How are your finances" → "rebuilding of the village" (+2) [INT 16+] "tell me a little" → "Leave" (-1)
in the inn ▸ floor 2:
♀ Villager[20] "Excuse me?" → "but why" → "That won't change if you leave" (+1) [WIS 12+] "Excuse me?" → "I've seen the other towns" → "almost had you fooled" (-2) [CHA 18+]

To check your current town morale score (it starts at 0), paste the following command into the cheat console:

  • After the 7 days are over[21], report back to Mayor Dobrine.
    (Unfortunately, you cannot report back earlier than that.[22])
    Your reward depends on the overall effect you had on the town's morale.
Reward details
Your effect on town morale Reward
+20 or better[23] 20,000 exp per party member; +2 reputation
+15 to +19 10,000 exp per party member; +1 reputation
+10 to +14 8,000 exp per party member; +1 reputation
+5 to +9 5,000 exp per party member
-5 to +4 1,000 exp per party member
-10 to -4 8,000 exp per party member; -1 reputation
-19 to -11 10,000 exp per party member; -2 reputation
-20 or worse 15,000 exp per party member; -2 reputation

Other nearby side-quests[]

The following two side-quests start in wilderness areas near Bremen, and are therefore documented on those areas' walkthrough pages:


  1. He is there between 6:30 am and 9:30 pm every day.
  2. In the form of a message that appears over the protagonist's head.
  3. This works even the first time you click the map exit.
  4. Technically, the condition checked by the quest is that at least one party member came within 25 feet of the Goblin Captain standing to the left of the caravan.
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  11. When you talk to him again 4+ days later, town morale increases by 1 (25% chance), or decreases by 1 (25% chance), or stays the same (50% chance).
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  21. The check that the 7-day-timer has expired, is made on the main Bremen outdoors map.
  22. Except by using a cheat code: C:SetGlobal("Convincethepeople","GLOBAL",3)
  23. This might not be possible to achieve.