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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Arlax is a city added by the Region of Terror mod.

It is located in the country of Erlkazar, south-east of Amn, and ruled by a High Council of mages – although fighters, merchants, and nobles also live here.

How to get there[]

  • With Drizzt in party:
    A djinni appears in Athkatla's Slums district (when you re-enter it 2+ days after you first entered), and marks Arlax on your worldmap.

Map [RR3100][]

Region of Terror mod RR3100 Arlax map


Shopkeeper Location Inventory
With unique items:
Galryn Mage High Council building[1] mage spell scrolls (level 1-5, including one new spell)
Mirlanda Mage High Council building[2] mage spell scrolls (level 5-9, including nine new spells)
(REQUIREMENT: protagonist level 15+)
Brundor Brundor's smithy weapons and equipment (up to +3)
"Merchant" outdoors[3] generic armor and shields
"Merchant" outdoors[4] generic +1 weapons, ammunition, potions
"Merchant" outdoors[5] generic non-magical weapons
"Merchant" outdoors[6] mage spell scrolls (level 1-5)
Ghendia sewers mage spell scrolls (level 1-5), generic equipment, 1 unique belt


In the town's smithy, Master Brundor and Pip Grayfoot can forge upgraded items for you.
See Item upgrades for details.


The mage Randall stands in Hammerhand's inn[7], and joins your party if asked. He has a personal quest.
See Companions ▸ Randall for details.


Quest Quest-giver Leads you to
Main quest:
↓ Main quest (Arlax portion)
(dungeon crawl – requires Drizzt)
Monzuma's Cave
Side-quests that start here:
↓ Helping the Farmers
(dungeon crawl)  ⚠️ time limit  ⚠️ tough combat
Esath's Farms
↓ Eleana and the Scroll
(dungeon crawl)  ⚠️ time limit
(council building)
Gaidan's Castle
↓ A Ghost
(dialog quest)
Sir Lathar
↓ Find Garem's Ring from the Sewers
(fetch quest)
↓ Escaped Prisoner
City Guard Captain
↓ Demi-Lich in the Basement
(battle)  ⚠️ tough combat
(his house)
↓ Assassinations
(murder quest)
↓ Help the Thief in Arlax
(fetch quest)
(outdoors, at night)
↓ Necromancer After Randall
(encounters – requires Randall)
(Hammerhand's inn)
Razor's Hideout
↓ Book Collector
(fetch quest)
(Book Collector's home)
many RoT locations
↓ Haman Encounters
(dialog quest + battle)
(outdoors, eventually)
↓ Arlax mini-encounters
various -
↓ The Quest for the Eye of a God
(dungeon crawl – chapter 6)  ⚠️ tough combat
Pip Grayfoot
(smithy or outdoors)
Eye of a God Cave
Side-quests that lead you here from elsewhere:
↓ The Strange Talking Armor
armor in
Spirit Soaring

A walkthrough for each quest follows below.

Main quest (Arlax portion)[]

The portion of the Region of Terror main quest that plays in and near Arlax, starts in the local sewers.
See Main quest ▸ Arlax.

Helping the Farmers[]

  • Talk to Esath near the north gate (4150.600) of Arlax, and agree to help.
    He marks "Esath's Farms"/"Farms"[8] near Arlax on your worldmap.
    ⚠️ Time limit: You must visit Esath's Farms within 10 days after accepting the quest, if you want to save the farmers.
  • Travel to Esath's Farms – and refer to that page for the rest of the walkthrough for this quest.
    (The short version is that you need to find your way into the nearby mines, defeat the undead boss on the bottom level, and report back to Esath at the Farms.)

Eleana and the Scroll[]

  • Talk to Eleana on the upper floor of the mage council building in Arlax, and agree to retrieve her scroll.
    ⚠️ Time limit: The merchant for the next step is only there for ten days after accepting the quest.
  • Travel to Athkatla, and talk to the "Scroll Merchant" found in the Gates district, outdoors (600.400) during daytime.
    He marks "Gaidan's Castle" on your worldmap.
  • Travel to Gaidan's Castle – and refer to that page for details on the dungeon crawl portion of this quest. Return here when you have Eleana's scroll.
    (The short version is that you need to find a way into the castle interior, make your way through traps and enemies to its top floor, and there get the scroll from Gaidan – either by killing him or by accepting his evil deal.)
  • Return to Eleanna in Arlax (now at Selden's estate), for 30,000 exp per party member.

A Ghost[]

  • Talk to Sir Lathar in the Arlax temple.
  • Find the man who saw the ghost. He is labeled "Commoner", and walks around outdoors near Hammerhand's inn[9].
    When you talk to him, he offers to take you to the ghost the next night.
  • Talk to the same commoner again at least 6 hours later, between midnight and dawn.
    A cutscene ensues in which you see the ghost calling out for someone named "Henrick".
    The commoner suggests Henrick could be one of the mages.
  • Enter Roend's inn, and talk to the "Mage" near the door (1000.600).
    He confirms that he is Henrick, and agrees[10] to come meet the ghost.
    A cutscene shows the happy reunion between Henrick and the ghost, his former lover Julia.
    You receive 5000 exp per party member.

Find Garem's Ring from the Sewers[]

  • Talk to Garem, outdoors in Arlax near the fountain (3050.1450), and agree to retrieve his ring.
  • Enter the sewers through one of the manholes in Arlax, and find "Zemir" in the center of the map.
    You have two options:
    • OPTION: Kill Zemir and loot the ring. (But first check out Zemir's own quest, "Assassinations"!)
    • OPTION: Pickpocket the ring off Zemir.
  • Return the ring to Garem, for 50 gp and 10,000 exp.
    (With CHA 16+, you can increase the reward to 100 gp and 15,000 exp.)

Escaped Prisoner[]

  • Talk to the "City Guard Captain" in the Arlax prison, and agree to help him catch Tresham, an escaped prisoner.
  • At night[11], two "Thief" characters are present outdoors in Arlax (1150.1900) and (850.3050).
    Talk to one of them.
    You have three options for getting the necessary information out of him:
    • OPTION: Intimidate him
      If your talking party member has STR 16+ and CHA 16+, you can get the thief to give you the information without violence, using the dialog path: "What do you know [...]""I'm talking about [...]""Hah! Don't you try [...]".
    • OPTION: Injure him
      Otherwise, fight him – but when he is badly wounded (below 25 HP), stop. He turns non-hostile, and gives you the information.
    • OPTION: Kill him, and then talk to the other one
      The other of the two thieves gives you the information immediately, in this case.
    The information is that Tresham fled to the Athkatla slums.
  • Travel to Athkatla, and find Tresham with two of his thief friends in the Copper Coronet back-rooms (700.450).
    Talk to him, and a cutscene plays out where he escapes – but one of his thief friends gets accidentally left behind.
    That thief initiates conversation, and tells you about Tresham's planned meeting in the slums.
    • ALTERNATIVE: Or just force-attack and kill Tresham without talking to him, and pick up his dead body. (This lets you skip the next step.)
  • 24+ hours later, enter the Athkatla Slums outdoors map at night to cause Tresham & friends to spawn near the center-left map edge (250.1800).
    (⚠️ Time limit: Once they spawned, you must approach them while it's still night or the quest fails!)
    Approach them, and after a short cutscene, they attack. You have two options:
    • OPTION: Arrest Tresham
      Fight them, but when Tresham is badly wounded (below 25 HP), stop. He turns non-hostile, and pleads for his life. Spare him, and you get his living body as an inventory item.
    • OPTION: Kill Tresham
      In this case you can pick up his dead body as an inventory item.
  • Return Tresham's body – dead or alive – to the captain in the Arlax prison, to get:
    • dead: 10,000 exp per party member, +1 reputation
    • alive: 15,000 exp per party member, +1 reputation, 500 gp

Demi-Lich in the Basement[]

  • Talk to Morandin in his house at the bottom-center(2000.3000) of Arlax, to hear about the undead creature infesting his family crypt.
  • Go down the stairs next to Morandin, to enter the crypt below the home.
    A demilich attacks you there.
  • When the demilich is dead, report back to Morandin for 25,000 exp.


  • Talk to Zemir in the center of the Arlax sewers, and offer him your help. He dismisses you.
  • But then he re-initiates conversation, and wants you to prove your trustworthyness by helping him murder some business partners.
    Agree, and a cut-scene and combat encounter ensues.
  • Afterwards, Zemir (now at the bottom of the Arlax sewers map (1700.2500)) gives you three targets to assassinate (in sequence, i.e. report back to him after completing one assassination task to receive the next one):
  • Galan (a thief):
    • Found in the Athkatla Docks on the bottom-center round platform (2100.3300) (only at night).
    • Simpy attack and kill her.
    • 2000 exp per party member upon returning to Zemir.
  • Laron (a merchant):
    • Found in Waukeen's Promenade, near the Adventurer's Mart (2000.1800).
    • Simpy attack and kill him.
      Your reputation drops by 1 (and there seems to be no way to avoid this).
    • 3000 exp per party member upon returning to Zemir.
  • Regean (one of the high mages of Arlax):
    • Found in the Mage High Council building of Arlax, in the big room on the upper floor.
      There are two ways to handle this without everyone turning hostile:
    • OPTION: Betray Zemir
      • Tell Regean that Zemir hired you.
        A forced rest ensues, after which Regean tells you that Zemir and the other thieves have been killed, and you get 4000 exp per party member.
    • OPTION: Lure Regean into a trap
      • Talk to Regean and ask him to leave the council building with you. There are several possible dialog options that convince him (some of them have CHA checks). If he refuses, simply talk to him again and try another dialog option until you find one that works.
      • Regean and your party travel to the tents outside Arlax via cutscene. Kill him there.
      • Return to Zemir, who rewards you with 4000 exp per party member plus the "Cursed Berserking Katana +3".

Help the Thief in Arlax[]

  • At night[12], Cain stands outdoors in Arlax near the temple (3800.2100).
    Talk to him, and agree to do his thieving tasks for him.
  • He has three tasks for you (in sequence, i.e. complete one task to get the next):
    1. Arlax temple: Steal "Golden Dagger" from the locked safe on the bottom platform (1300.1500).
    2. Hammerhand's inn ▸ upper floor: Steal "Rare Diamond" from the trapped & locked cabinet in the bottom-left room (150.350). ⚠️ Time limit: 2 days!
      The "Traveller" who has rented that room, notices it and attacks you. Kill him.
    3. Mage High Council Building ▸ upper floor: Pickpocket the "Scroll" off of Henvis.
  • Bring the third item to Cain to get 30,000 exp.

Necromancer After Randall[]

This is Randall's companion quest – see that page for details.

Book Collector[]

  • Talk to Caern the Book Collector, on the second floor of his home in Arlax, to learn that he is interested in rare books.
  • Whenever you have one of the books he's interested in, you can come and sell it to him via dialog.
    The books are:
Book Found at Reward
Tapio Perkiomaki's Story [BOTAPIO] Maribur ▸ quest reward for "Thief at Kindast's store" 1000 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh I [BOGIL1] Arlax ▸ Gaidan's Castle ▸ floor 2 1000 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh II [BOGIL2] Westchar ▸ Realm of the Gragha ▸ city 1 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh III [BOGIL3] Eye of a God Cave ▸ level 4 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh IV [BOGIL4] Olmar's Castle ▸ upper floor 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh V [BOGIL5] Bremen ▸ Fenedon's shelter 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh VI [BOGIL6] Maribur ▸ house 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh VII [BOGIL7] Bremen ▸ Dragon Sanctuary ▸ library 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh VIII [BOGIL8] Westchar ▸ Realm of the Gragha ▸ city 2 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh IX [BOGIL9] Bremen ▸ Ice Temple ▸ level 1 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh X [BOGIL10] Westchar ▸ Emanath's Pocket Plane ▸ ground floor 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh XI [BOGIL11] Eye of a God Cave ▸ level 2 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh XII [BOGIL12] Bremen ▸ mayor's house 500 gp
The Story of Gilgamesh XIII [BOGIL13] Spirit Soaring Revisited ▸ inner chamber 500 gp

Haman Encounters[]


Arlax mini-encounters[]

Not a quest per se – just a few separate combat opportunities in Arlax, that have no effect on your reputation or on other quests:

Character Location Interaction
"Fighter" outdoors (1000.1200) Attacks if you talk to him and take offense to his rudeness.
"Colbert" in the sewers (2500.1500) Pickpockets you when you walk by; attacks if you confront him about it.

The Quest for the Eye of a God[]

  • This causes Pip to "graduate" from his apprenticeship, and set up his own smithy(3000.1000) on the Arlax outdoors map.
  • Talk to Pip at his new smithy, and ask him if there are other forging gems beside the ones in his recipe book. He tells you about a legendary gem called "The Eye of A God", and marks a cave near Athkatla on your worldmap.
  • Travel to the Eye of a God Cave (just labeled "Cave" on the worldmap) – and refer to that page for details on the dungeon crawl portion of this quest. Return here when you have the gem.
    (Be warned that this dungeon contains the hardest combat challenges of the mod!)

The Strange Talking Armor[]

This quest starts in Spirit Soaring, but leads you to Arlax.
See Spirit Soaring ▸ The Strange Talking Armor.


  1. floor 1
  2. floor 2
  3. north stalls ▸ top-most stall (3400.800)
  4. southeast stalls ▸ right-most stall (3400.3100)
  5. stalls by the fountain ▸ right stall (3700.1650)
  6. stalls by the fountain ▸ left stall (3400.1600)
  7. entrance at (2800.2400)
  8. Name depends on the worldmap mod used – BP-BGT Worldmap, EET, etc.
  9. He initially starts at (2600.2500), but walks around randomly.
  10. Unless it's no longer night, in which case you have to talk to Henrick again when it is.
  11. 10:30 pm – 6:30 am.
  12. 9:30 pm – 8:30 am.