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By Moradin's Hammer.

Reevor is a stout dwarf who guards the Storehouse in Candlekeep during the events of the Prologue. He keeps cats to maintain the rodent population, but they are lazy.

During Chapter Six, he is found inside the Candlekeep Inn, still churlish as ever. He'll be found one more time inside a small room on the second level of the Candlekeep Catacombs, although this time he's really a doppelganger in disguise. After a brief dialogue, the doppelganger will transform and attack.

Side quests[]



Reevor gives you a job:

I thought I asked you to clean the rats out of this building yesterday, already. Hop to it! Get in there!

— Reevor, the first time you speak to him

Reevor gives you encouragement:

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get 'em soldier!

— Reevor, if you speak to him again before killing the rats

Reevor gives you high praise and a grand reward:

Ah yes, kill them like the rats that they are! A glorious battle unlike any this world has ever seen... Here's 5 gp, don't spend it all in one place.

— Reevor, when the job is done

Chapter Six[]

You've been away without leave, soldier! Are you expecting forgiveness? Are you expecting redemption? Well, spare me! I want five hundred push-ups, and I want them NOW!

— Reevor, still the hard-arst drill sargent

Petulant, sniveling rat's dung, that's all you are...

— Reevor, ever so happy to see you


Spy! Traitor! Fight for the rats, will ye? Fickle as the wind, ye are, fickle as the wind... We have a name fer yer type: Ratbastards, it is. Aye, Ratbastards, and I've never known one I didn't hang with my own two hands!

— Reevor, as a doppelganger