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Reedle is a halfling fishmonger that has his daily catch on display outside of Horn House at the Athkatla Docks.


— Reedle

Reedle has a few things to say about the bodies in the water, the skinner murders, the Shadow Thieves, prisoners of the Cowled Wizards, oh, and more bodies in the water.

"You there! Desire you the freshest fish in all of Athkatla? I swear to you that there is less sewage in the water here than there is over in the docks. Less bodies, too, 'til lately."

Reedle also has a bit to say about the quality of fish here at the bridge, as opposed to the docks. "Sewage, eh? Is that bad for the fish?"

"Nah! An' don't let any of yer book learning crap tell you different. Some fish is supposed to have a brownish tinge. Part of the local charm. Not in the docks, of course, just here."

In parting he is to the point:

"Next time buy some fish!"

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