Red Wizards of Thay
BGEE RedWizards
A secret meeting in Spider Wood.


Zulkir Nevron

Base of Operations


Known Members

Edwin Odesseiron, Denak, Diana, Brendan, Lasala

Red Wizards of Thay is an organization gathering all magic users of Thay, serving also as a ruling caste in that magocracy. Red Wizards are present in nearly every Faerûn polity, both secretly and openly in some nations.

In the first Baldur's Gate, a small group of them can be found in Spider Wood. Also, in both Baldur's Gate games, the Red Wizard Edwin Odesseiron may be recruited as a companion.

In both Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, you will find a group of Red Wizards attempting to kill and then dissect another potential companion Neera in order to investigate the cause of wild magic.

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