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Recover the silver dragon's eggs: I have finally encountered Adalon, a female silver dragon who is desperate to have her eggs returned. She normally guards the path to the surface from drow incursion, but Irenicus and Bodhi have stolen her eggs and given them to the drow... and she can do nothing for fear of her eggs being destroyed. She has turned me into the likeness of a drow, with the name "Veldrin," and bade me to enter the nearby city of Ust Natha in search of her eggs. Once her eggs are returned safely, she will show me to the surface and reward me with an item from her hoard.

— Journal Entry

Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs is a side quest available in chapter 5.


Adalon the Silver Dragon has assigned a quest to the party, which if accepted, initiates an overarching goal to get back her stolen eggs, intact and undamaged, and returned to the dragon. In return she will help you escape the underdark and offer a reward from her treasure trove.


In order to complete this task, Adalon has given the party a plausible story to go along with a powerful illusion to obfuscate their actual identity. They will pretend to be from the drow city of Ched Nasad, and will appear to be drow. Additionally, drow speech and accent will be included, so that the party will seamlessly speak the tongue, and understand it as well. This is a very powerful enchantment indeed. Under this illusion, they may enter and explore Ust Natha.

Further, Adalon has made it clear that her eggs are somewhere within the drow city. She cannot leave her lair, for fear that the eggs will be destroyed, so the party will have to do it for her. No other clues are given as to exactly where the eggs may be. It is up to the party to investigate and retrieve the eggs. A warning is given that the party should use restraint and not draw attention to themselves as surfacers, or this could jeopardize the mission and make the city residents hostile, thus ruining any chance of recovering her precious eggs.


Make entry into Ust Natha[]

This is the first step. Disguised as drow, the party can make its way to the gates of the drow city and try and get within. This is covered in the main Ust Natha article page.

Complete all of Phaere's Tasks[]

Once inside the city follow the gate guard's commands, and find Solaufein, then follow his advice/commands.

Note:The party must complete all the missions as laid out in the Inside the Drow City page. Once completed, the The Drow Summoning Ritual questline begins.

Complete The Drow Summoning Ritual' questline[]

Initiated by Phaere and then assigned by Matron Mother Ardulace Despana, get the next quest assigned and associated journal entries.

Note:The party must work its way through The Drow Summoning Ritual questline which is connected to the Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs plot.

Resolve the Dragon Eggs possession[]

After The Drow Summoning Ritual - the party will either possess Adalon's real eggs or not. This fact will determine the endgame in the Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs quest.

If the party has allowed the destruction of the real dragon eggs, then visiting Adalon will result in hostilities. Additionally, the party must figure out how to exit the Underdark without her assistance. This eventuality is discussed on the Adalon page.

If the party has the real eggs and is able to escape Ust Natha - then when ready return to the Silver Dragon for a reward, or perhaps a confrontation depending on the party's desire for blood.

If the real eggs are returned to Adalon, the party will receive a reward as she promised. Necaradan's Crossbow is bestowed to the PC.

Adalon will now fulfill the last action, and she'll turn into human appearing form and transport the party to the Western Tunnels, assist with a powerful enchantment to weaken the Drow gate guardians and ensure the exit from the underdark gate is unsealed. The party need only finish off the guards and transition towards the surface world again.

Each party member receives 78,500 XP during the event at the Underdark exit gate and while facing the Drow gate guardians.


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