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Rashad's Talon (Rashad's Talon +2 in-game), also known as Scimitar +2, is a Scimitar with a +2 enchantment. This weapon is lighter, faster, and offers +2 bonus to damage and THAC0 compared to its ordinary analogue.  Due to its magical nature it can harm enemies immune to normal weapons.


Baldur's Gate[]

Baldur's Gate II[]


Named for Prince Rashad, former ruler of a minor principality to the east, this blade and many of the prince's possessions were taken by disgruntled palace guards after his death. The role of the guards in the unfortunate affair was never determined, but rumor has it that all died within a year, slain by this very weapon.

Original description from the Tales of the Sword Coast[]

This blade has traveled far since its forging on the shores of the Shining Sea, though documentation of its passage is sketchy because of the mundane nature of the item. Such weapons are considered commonplace among the rich elite of the far south, and are of little consequence to historians of the area. This attitude is incomprehensible to a citizen of the Sword Coast, where people routinely die for items of equal or lesser enchantment. This particular blade may have belonged to a wealthy Vizar, or perhaps his attendant.