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This Raksasha is in the central chamber of the Sewers (Temple District) alongside a group of about a dozen Kobold minions.


The raksasha will begin spell casting as soon as it has sighted an enemy. The creature focuses on the nearest enemy, and casts offensive damage oriented spells only, usually starting with Fireball, then Melf's Acid Arrow, Chromatic Orb, Lightning Bolt and finally Magic Missile.

The simplistic script will not adjust this behavior due to the party's spell immunities, or protections.

The Raksasha may also advance to within melee range (and still try and cast spells) as well as engage in close quarter combat with the equipped long sword.

Note this creature's strong immunity to spell effects is noted in the InfoBox. Normal weapons cannot injure it.

The monster is wearing the Cloak of the Sewers and will benefit from its passive protection while worn. Fortunately for the party the cloak's other powers are not scripted for use.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems revises the raksasha's AI and makes it behave in a smarter manner. An entire new spell book of memorized spells is assigned to this creature.

If any enemy creatures are detected, the creature will forcecast a group of previously cast spells on self to include: Mirror Image, Haste, Shield (spell), Ghost Armor and Stoneskin.

Now protected and speedier, the rakshasa will move towards the closest detected enemy and begin to wail with its 5 APR blade strikes. SCS assigns 3 pips in long sword weapon proficiency and 2 pips in single-weapon fighting style. It will have a better THAC0, inflict more weapon damage and a better armor class rating.

More spells can be attempted as well, based on certain key vulnerabilities or protections recognized by the script. If the party is invisible, it will try and get off a Detect Invisibility spell. If any buffs are recognized the creature will attempt a Remove Magic.

Expect a Cone of Cold and then a Vampiric Touch attack. If any enemies are not targetable but still detected, then either a Cloudkill, Ice Storm or both will be cast over itself or at the closest enemy.

The raksasha has a prepared Minor Sequencer it can instantly launch. Three potions are readied and scripted for use to boost abilities or heal.