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Raise Dead allows the cleric to restore life to an incapacitated companion, as long as the death is not permanent.


When the priest casts a Raise Dead spell, <PRO_HESHE> can restore life to a dwarf, gnome, half-elf, halfling, elf, half-orc, or human.

Note that the body of the person must be whole, otherwise missing parts are still missing when the person is brought back to life. The person has but 1 Hit Point when raised and must regain the rest by natural healing or curative magic.


  • Revival must be done by clicking the gray colored companion portraits after selecting this spell, thus anyone whose portraits are forever gone can not be brought back to life, the situation includes: overkilled by suffering more than -10 HP by the death blow, frozen shattered, petrified shattered, disintegrated, player manually removing the gray portraits when reforming the party. However, if you're playing Shadows of Amn, there's still one chance for the permanently dead companions to come back: through Fate Spirit in Pocket Plane at the beginning of Throne of Bhaal campaign
  • Resurrected companions will lose all previously shape shifting states plus all stored spell sequencers or triggers
  • There's a number of alternatives to this spell for clerics of lower level or parties without one:


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