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What? Flies in my web? No, no, this will not do!
The shroud? Tattered, ragged thing. What do you want with it?
Die, insect!

Raffiyah is within her lair, along with two Spider attendants named Jabira and Sundus that are capable of speech and refer to Raffiyah as "Mistress". Raffiyah is an ugly, immobile, bloated creature, similar in form to Centeol.


Raffiyah will address the party when it enters the lair. There are several paths of dialogue which can occur. Depending on how you address her, and your tone, will determine the outcome of the encounter. If Raffiyah has deemed you to be a threat or not respectful enough (or flattering enough) she will turn hostile as well as the attending spiders.

Once hostile, Raffiyah will begin casting Priest Spells. She often begins with a fast casting of Physical Mirror, and Protection From Good, 10' Radius (which boosts her attending spiders). The spiders move quickly and will try and engage in melee attacks to whomever is closest. The script for Raffiyah provides her with a casting speed modifier bonus of 5. She is also given a hidden spell power by her script to summon spiders. The script allows her to continually summon a spider once every 2 rounds. If you don't dispose of her quickly, Raffiyah will try Flame Strike, Confusion, Finger of Death and Bolt of Glory. She can be overwhelmed by multiple physical attacks, even with her formidable physical attack damage resistance.

Raffiyah can melee attack if you are next to her. Her attack has a range of 1, speed 3, is a +2 enchanted piercing attack inflicting 2d4+2 damage, with a +2 THAC0. A save vs. Death at -3 penalty is needed to avoid 5 poison damage per second for 30 seconds. She can attack twice per round.

Once defeated, get the Shroud of the Unproved from the sarcophagus in the lair. Hexxat will then ask if you are ready to travel back to the Athkatla Graveyard via the Tomb Walk ability provided by the Casque of Dragomir.

Party banter quotes when first seeing Raffiyah[]

Jan Jansen

Ah, yes. I remember puberty

Viconia DeVir

Damn you (Gorion's Ward)! I spent years avoiding Lolth and her servants, and you deliver me to this?

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