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Raevilin Strathi is one of the people you can save from the drow Soul Prison device in the center area of the Underdark during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 5.

Thhhh... uhhhh...

— Raevilin Strathi


Free this creature by manipulating the second facet on the soul entrapment device. Where "second facet" corresponds to a west to east (or left to right) orientation if facing the device.

Upon being released from the device, he seems severely mentally challenged, making only incoherent broken sentences and noises and then attacking you after a few rounds. This is the likely outcome for a first-time player who has no knowledge of the encounter ahead of time and who didn't do on-line research ahead of gameplay - such as this wiki article - to instead attempt a different course of action.

The game gives no clues or helpful hints that this mental condition might be curable. However, setting aside the extremely low probability that a player without any foreknowledge would actually attempt to cast a Heal spell upon this creature - then doing that exact action (if done successfully) will open up more gameplay options.

Only the spell Heal cast upon him will cure his ailments. A Cure Disease or Greater Restoration won't suffice. The mental illness is most likely caused by prolonged imprisonment in a subterranean void. There is a short period to be able to do this action. The Heal spell will revert the mage from being hostile and to initiate meaningful dialogue.

If the mage isn't affected by the Heal spell, he'll eventually turn hostile and self-buff with Stoneskin and Spell Trap, then Mislead. All the spells listed on the InfoBox are scripted for use, so beware the Imprisonment spell cast and other attacks.

After curing his mental ailment, Raevilin will speak. Should the party be currently under the drow disguise enchantment, then different dialogue will present.

After questions by the party are asked and answers given in an understanding and empathetic way then an award of 15,000 XP is bestowed, as well as a gift of the Albruin bastard sword.

If the party wishes him well and accepts his thanks for a good deed well done, the mage will eventually leave on his own accord. A journal entry will display:

"I restored the mind of a man trapped in the crystal I found. He was quite grateful, though he could offer no insight as to why he was trapped there in the first place."

Another option available through initial dialogue once he has had the Heal spell applied, is to select the dialogue choice to demand that he must make payment for his rescue. This will lead to a response from the mage, as follows:

"You just want...? Was this some kind of cruel extortion? Pay or face imprisonment again? Was it you that did this?! I will not give you anything, and I will not be imprisoned again!"

This dialogue track leads to hostilities. There will be no quest reward XP or the sword Albruin item granted. Killing him nets only his death award 20,000 XP and the carried scrolls in his inventory - Conjure Earth Elemental (wizard) and Summon Efreeti. A journal entry will then display:

"I restored the mind of a man I released from the crystal I found. He proved no more reasonable though, and would not pay me my due. I convinced him otherwise."

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod changes this mage. Some new memorized spells are added. Ready to use sequencer, spell trigger and contingency are available to deploy via the new SCS "Improved Mages" component. Raevilin is granted one pip in quarterstaff weapon proficiency. Two additional Icewind Dale Wizard spell scrolls are added if you have that SCS component installed, and two SCS random treasures are in the creature's inventory.

With this mod installed, there is almost no chance of getting a Heal spell applied to Raevilin before he goes hostile and gets up his spell buffs. The party will then be faced with taking down his protections/invisibility, and surviving his spell attacks, without killing the mage, and then getting a Heal spell applied to end his hostility. This will take some micromanagement and a bit of luck/tactics to do. Depending on the player's party it might be very difficult or frustratingly impossible.

Raevilin, after a few moments (and if not cured of his mental afflictions) will initiate a group of (cast previously) protective buffs to include Mirror Image, Shadow Door, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Deflection, SI: Divination (or "Dispelling Screen" with Spell Revisions), Shield (spell), Protection From Normal Missiles, Protection From Cold (spell), Stoneskin, and Non-Detection.

After this, if able to function and not impaired he may attempt further protections from his Spell Trigger, such as Mantle (or {Prismatic Mantle with SR) and Protection From Magical Weapons. After that, offensive spells casts and summoned help. The mage can employe a few prepared sequencers in the thick of combat.

Installing Spell Revisions will change all memorized spells to the SR versions.

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