This quest is started by talking to Quinn inside his house in Northwest Baldur's Gate. He will tell Gorion's Ward and party that he and his friend, Nester, were attacked by ankhegs, which killed his friend. He asks the player to retrieve some of Nester's belongings, so that his mother has something to bury. You can find Nester's Dagger in the possession of an ankheg that is located just north of Tenya's Home in the area of Wyrm's Crossing. After you have acquired the dagger, go back and speak to Quinn to get your reward.

A young gnome by the name of Quinn informs me that some ankhegs have been causing chaos upriver from Baldur's Gate, along the east bank, just north of the witch Tenya's home. His friend Nester has already met his fate in their midst, and Quinn has asked me to return there in the hopes of finding something for the burial. To be honest, I don't expect there'll be too much of Nester left... but the boy is grieving, so I will do as asked. Quinn can be found in the northwest section of the city.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The dialogue refers to Quinn as a gnome but he is in fact a dwarf. The game developers never fixed this oversight with the Enhanced Edition. See Quinn's creature page for more info.

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