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This page lists all quests from the Baldur's Gate games.

About Quests[]

Quests are a general term for entries marked in the "Journal", under a header labelled "Quests", which are accessed from the player's display screen by activating the "Quill, parchment and inkpot" icon, or using the short cut keyboard letter "J".

There are different quests referred to on-line and in gaming forums used by players, such as "main quest", "side quests/sub quests" "companion" quest, and even "stronghold" quest.

None of these categories are official or designated as such in the game but are sometimes used for categorization and convenience when writing or talking about the game.

Wiki quest categories (used for cataloging)[]

Side quests[]

Side quests, sometimes known as subquests, are quests which do not directly affect the main storyline. As such, they are optional but nevertheless an important part of the game. Side quests represent a major means of exploring the landscape, of equipping characters and advancing levels, and of having fun.

Which side quests you pick up depends on the choices you make as you explore the countryside and talk to, fight with and/or run away (strategically retreat, if you prefer) from characters and creatures in the game. Some side quests are added to your journal automatically when you "discover" them from actions as simple as entering an area for the first time or interacting with a character. Other times you will be given the option of accepting a side quest or not.

While their completion is optional to the overall goals of the game, it should be noted that the completion, incompletion, or manner of completion of side quests can have important effects upon your playing experience. Failure to complete a quest given by a party member, for example, can lead to them leaving your party unexpectedly. (See below.)

Stronghold quests[]

Stronghold quests are a special type of quests that might result in periodic income and require periodic attention. The tasks that need to be performed tailor to the skills and competence of your active Class.

These quests are usually applicable to Gorion's Ward only, but with optional game Modifications installed,, these may be available to companions as well.

Companion quests[]

Companion quests are introduced by a companion, and typically needed to be completed in order to satisfy and maintain a companion in the party. There are exceptions.

Baldur's Gate[]

In the original Baldur's Gate and its expansion (see below), quests are neither named nor ordered in the player's journal, other than by chapter; relevant entries are simply added by the time they are obtained and will not be removed from the journal again when the quest is solved.

This is changed in the Enhanced Edition, where most quests get a name and sometimes a subtitle, the latter not always shown in the journal. They are ordered roughly alphabetically in a specific "Quests" section, while "Journal" keeps some entries by date. After solving a quest, relevant entries are in most cases either removed or updated.

The following list uses the Enhanced Edition names – player's of the original game unfortunately can only guess. Some entries might appear familiar, however, for player's of the Baldur's Gate Trilogy. For quests, exclusive to the Enhanced Edition, see below.


Quests in Baldur's Gate[]

New in Tales of the Sword Coast[]

New in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition[]

Siege of Dragonspear[]

In Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, the storyline is much more linear than in the other games, and most quests (and locations) are only available during certain chapters.


List of quests[]

Shadows of Amn[]

For quests, exclusive to the Enhanced Edition, see below.

New in Shadows of Amn: Enhanced Edition[]

Throne of Bhaal[]

For quests, exclusive to the Enhanced Edition, see below.

New in Throne of Bhaal: Enhanced Edition[]