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A Quasit is an extra-planar Imp-like creature that is linked to Chaotic Evil behavior and is one of the many denizens of the abyssal plane. These creatures are similar to Imps and can be summoned by Demons and some Chaotic Evil Mages to do their bidding. They are found in only a few areas during the Baldur's Gate II games.

Hee hee!

— Quasit


A Quasit may cast a Blur from their memorized Wizard spells. Quasits typically attempt to use their rapid striking claws and sharp fangs to inflict piercing damage. These attacks are classified as normal non-magical weapons. Quasits swarm their opponents when possible. They are difficult to hit as well. Quasits regenerate 1 HP damage per round. Only magical weapons can strike a Quasit.

The Quasit variety (TELQUA1) encountered within the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze are the pinnacle of Quasit refinement. They have an aggressive spell casting combat AI, and frequently disappear from view using invisibility, especially after being damaged by about half their hit points (then they hide and regenerate 2HP/s, over and over).

Their uninterruptible spell casting AI scripts include use of the spells shown in the InfoBox. The Quasit melee attacks are weak and will have great difficulty striking an armored party member.

These Quasits also are under a weak Haste effect, doubling their movement rate. Additionally, the little fiends are provided with the same protective immunities that other infernal beings have, which adds a large variety of protections to status effects. These cruel and mischievous beings can also See the invisible.



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