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Qar Jyssteve is a nobleman member of the Council of Six who resides in Athkatla's Government District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. He can be found in his home, the Jyssteve Estate along with his wife, Lady Jysteve.

Begone, commoner, I have my own business to attend to.
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As most nobles go, he is as snobbish as any others, but at least he will talk to you directly instead of those who talk amongst themselves as if you were not even there. For instance, not that he cares, he will ask, "From which of the temples are you?"

"It makes no nevermind to me, and I think it matters little to Sir Sarles as well. He's concerned with the creation, not with who might own his work."

Qar seems to care more about his own Status Coup than anything else saying.

"It's a great honor to have him here. We are simply the height of the social circuit right now. The envy of all the nobles, we are."

And with that he brushes you off.

"Do try and keep to the sides while here, will you? I've very wealthy people coming to see the artist, and I don't want people dawdling with the messengers."