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'Qadeel is a merchant trader found by the waterside docking area in the Bridge District, he is supervising the loading of merchandise onto a nearby ship. The encounter has voice acting on some lines.

When you first see him (he has the "fat Man" animation) he'll be with two Dockhand Ogres. When you get within a certain range with a party member, Qadeel can be overheard with a raised voice saying "Work faster, you useless dogs! Faster, I say! We shall never have the ships loaded on time if you continue to be so lazy!"

The Dockhand Ogres complain and tell him that one of them is sick - it grunts "Gurgh be sick! Sick! He must slow, master!". Qadeel starts shouting again saying "Don't force me to get the whip out, you moronic twits! Keep loading, I say! KEEP LOADING!"

At this point some of your party members may have some interjections about this, such as Valygar or Aerie. Afterwards the ogres lose control and begin threatening Qadeel in a fit of rage.

You can now do nothing and watch what happens or try and save Qadeel's skin by attacking the Ogres, or you could help the poor brutes out and put Qadeel in an early grave, or just let the Ogres handle the killing by themselves. If you intercede on his behalf, Qadeel will have some thankful dialogue. He'll hand you a reward of 200 gold, and the party gains 6.500 XP. If you get rid of Qadeel by way of violence, the Ogres will just lumber off and leave - now free of being abused. The Ogres are only worth 270 XP each. If your party wishes, they can loot Qadeel's smushed, crushed and slushed body for 200 gold, which should clean-up nicely with a little elbow grease.

More parting comments are possible, from Jaheria. Thus ends the dockside ruckus. The local Ogre Stevedore Union is apparently quite weak in Athkatla.

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