Baldur's Gate Wiki

Psionic Blast is an innate Psionic Ability available to Mind Flayers. The ability is initiated via script by the AI. The effect is directed at a target in visible range of the source creature. The blast will require those creatures in the area of effect radius of the target to make a Saving throw vs. spell or suffer a Stun effect that lasts one turn. The effect is non-magical and can't be dispelled.

Players who have transformed into a Mind Flayer via the 9th-Level Arcane Spell Shapechange have access to this ability via the innate abilities' menu. Transforming into another form, then back to Mind Flayer will reset this ability, allowing it to be cast again.

The Psionic Blast will bypass Magic resistance and cannot be blocked by spell protections such as Globe of Invulnerability or Spell Trap. It is party-friendly if cast by a Shapechanged party member.

A more potent variety of this innate ability is often used by the more powerful illithids, such as the Ulitharid - assigned as SPIN959.spl. This Psionic Blast variety has a -4 saving throw penalty.