This page is about the priest version of the spell. For the wizard version, see Protection From Fire (wizard). For the protection scroll, see Protection From Fire (protection scroll).

Protection From Fire is a 3rd level priest spell. It gives the target creature protection from fire damage.

It is identical to its 3rd level wizard counterpart, but has a longer casting time and shorter duration. It also has a higher magic fire resistance bonus, but this has no gameplay effect; see the "Gameplay" section below.


When the spell is cast, the target gains complete invulnerability to non-magical fires (torches, bonfires, oil fires, and the like) and 80% damage resistance against fire from magical sources such as spells or beasts. The effects of the spell last no longer than 3 rounds plus one round per level of the caster.

Gameplay Edit

  • This spell increases fire resistance by 100%, while magic fire resistance is increased by 80%.
  • In the original Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal, this spell was cumulative with itself. In the Enhanced Editions, it does not stack with itself.
  • The damage reductions this spell provides stack with other sources, such as Resist Fire and Cold.
  • As with all spells and effects that provide magic fire and magic cold resistance, it should be noted that while the resistances apply and display properly, there are no effects in any games in the series that actually deal magic fire or magic cold damage.

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