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The Prison Keeper is the man in charge of the guards and prisoners within The Prison, located in Athkatla's Government District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Declare yourself!

Related Quests[]

With the right dialog choices during the sub-quest to Free Jan Jansen from prison, the Prison Keeper will offer to loan the party 200gp to take the gnome off his hands, as he is none-to-happy with the difficulty in containing the lil' rambunctious rebel.

"That gnome is the worst prisoner I ever had!  He keeps picking the lock, complains about the food.... even my hygiene!  Just pay the 800gp and take him!"

"Am I to be cursed with this gnome forever? You're driving me to drink! You and my mother, both. Take pity on a simple man... come back and pay the fine."

"... I guess I'll just cling to the hope that someone will bail him out... or buy me enough liquor to drink myself senseless."

If the party takes the loan and pays him back after Jan's release, they earn a bit of experience. "Excellent! He is free so, please, take him and go."

For more detail, see "Recruitment" on the page for Jan Jansen.