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This Prison Captain Cleric is part of a group of enemies that ambush anyone falling into her "fleshy trap"[1] inside the Planar Prison. She can be found nowhere else in the game. Some memorized spells won't be used as they are not scripted for selection.


The priest will attempt to cast spells, but all of them can be interrupted by damage and the usual methods to disrupt. First it will try Death Ward, then Blade Barrier. If unmolested and able it may try to cast Miscast Magic, Slay Living, Cause Serious Wounds, Cause Critical Wounds, Silence, 15' Radius, and Mental Domination. If the cleric is wounded to 50% of hit points, it will attempt to self-heal with Cure Medium Wounds.

Otherwise, the cleric will engage in close quarters combat with mace and shield.

Related Quests[]

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises this cleric, especially with the "Smarter Priest" component. The creature will open hostilities with a series of uninterruptible self-buffs including Armor of Faith, Spiritual Hammer, Draw Upon Holy Might (spell), Free Action (spell) and Chaotic Commands.

It will then attempt to summon a Aerial Servant, and then a Skeleton Warrior. The priest will engage in combat with the spiritual hammer anytime engaged in close quarters. There are other spells in this creature's arsenal, but it is unlikely to get a chance to use any of them past the first few rounds, due to its modest melee capability, and zero spell protections.


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