Prism the Sculptor, also known as Prism's Emeralds, is a side-quest in Baldur's Gate and the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. The quest is given by Oublek in Nashkel to return two emeralds which were stolen by Prism, who disappeared after the theft. Your task is to find him and to return the emeralds for a reward. Oublek doesn't care which approach is taken.

Prism can be found in the area of Nashkel Mines, where he is carving a face in a rock wall, in the southwest corner of the map. You can either kill him to take the emeralds, take the emeralds before his work is done or let him finish his work.

Letting Prism finish his work[edit | edit source]

If you let him finish his work, the bounty hunter Greywolf will appear and find him and your party. He demands that you step aside or he will try to kill your party before he kills Prism and takes the emeralds. If you choose to fight, you must kill the bounty hunter, but you gain 1,400 XP, in addition to 102 gold pieces and the weapon Varscona as loot from his corpse. Shortly after the fight, Prism manages to complete his work before he dies from exhaustion. Before his death, he reveals that the subject of his work is Ellesime.

Let Greywolf do his job[edit | edit source]

If you let Greywolf do the job he was given, he will kill Prism, but leave the emeralds on the ground.

Turning in the gems[edit | edit source]

After choosing an option or another, you have gained the gems, but the reward in gold you receive for returning to Oublek with the gems is only 300 gold pieces, which is 1200 gold lower than if you decide to sell the emeralds for 1500 gold. The quest can still be completed later, if you find another two emeralds. If you decide to hold on the gems for a while, you can't receive the bounty for Captain Brage without turning in the gems, unless you completed that quest in favour of the temple or before starting this quest.

In your Journal[edit | edit source]

You will likely have rumor-based entries for Prism the Sculptor in your Journal before you actually receive the quest from Oublek. When you ask him about available bounties, the following entries will be added to your Journal:

GUILSOP00009.PNGPrism the Sculptor
A local artist named Prism has stolen some emeralds. There is a large reward for the return of the gems.

Upon completion:

GUILSOP00009.PNGPrism the Sculptor
Prism's story was a sad tale indeed. A shame it could not have had a better ending. Ah well, I profit in the end: 300 gold bounty for the emeralds he stole.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, there are two achievements that can be earned from this quest:

A Work of Art Achievement icon BG1EE.jpg
– Hidden –
A Work of Art
Protect Prism so that he completes his sculpture. [Read more]
Philistine Achievement icon BG1EE.jpg
– Hidden –
Return the stolen emeralds to Oublek. [Read more]
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