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Prin is a Neutral Good female Elf Bard. Gorion's Ward can meet her during chapter eight of Siege of Dragonspear, in Coast Way Crossing.

Oh hello! Apologies for not greeting you sooner. I was a bit... distracted? Didn't notice you.


This joyful Bard is probably the first person Gorion's Ward will meet upon starting to explore the map outside the Flaming Fist camp. She can be found singing next to an ancient menhir with strange glowing runes, a little further up the road northeast of the camp, south of the burned inn.

Anything else I can help with?


When the party talks to her, and follows the right dialogue choices, Prin gives them the Ancient Menhirs quest. She explains that she was singing while walking, and she heard a menhir humming back to her. Then she found out that there are more like this around the area, and they all behave the same. When she sang to more than one, their tones lasted longer, but all eventually stopped. She has no objection at all if the party tells her that they want to sing to the menhirs. She might actually mark their location on the map, if they ask where she found them. And in the end, Prin will ask the party to come back and let her know if hey find all the ancient menhirs and learn why they're singing. If they completed the quest correctly, upon returning she will reward them with the Reed of Echoes.


  • She has a Potion of Invulnerability equipped in one of her Quick Item slots, which is against her class' restrictions. (She can't use it)