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The Priests' Quarters is one of the buildings found within the walls of Candlekeep in Baldur's Gate. It is located against the outer wall in the northern part of the keep and faces towards the Candlekeep Library. A storage area filled with hay is located on its right side. The front door is unlocked.

Dreppin and his cow Nessa can be found standing in front of the haystack, which is where Phlydia left her book. A couple of Tutors are also in the vicinity.



In the Prologue, after having been attacked by Shank inside the building, Gorion's Ward will be greeted outside by Parda who "had a sense something like this might happen."[1]

Note: His line will be different if a party was created in a multiplayer session.

Chapter Six[]

In Chapter Six, a Priest of Oghma is inside studying a dead cat. If not questioned about that behavior too inquisitively, he will leave after the dialogue, otherwise show his true face.


The chest at the foot of the bed is locked(30) and contains a Dagger. The barrel is empty and the table contains 8gp. The multi-stack of boxes contains a War Hammer and the single box is empty.


  1. PARDA1.dlg; State 1Parda: "Hurry then, child. Equip yourself at the Inn and go join Gorion on the steps of the library... I had a sense something like this might happen."