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This Priestess of Umberlee is found inside the Temple of Umberlee that's located on the island of Brynnlaw. She offers the typical temple services found in most temples throughout Faerûn.

The Bitch Queen of the Deeps welcomes you to her house, mortals. Do you seek her favor in your travels?


This priestess is willing to serve all visitors, including providing all offered products for sale, and cures.

If the party, for whatever reason decides to be bloodthirsty, and with no provocation, initiates an attack upon her, then she will attempt to fight back.

Her first action is to apply a group of defensive buffs that are force cast and are not interruptible. These include Death Ward, Bless, Strength of One, and Defensive Harmony.

Unless the party is inept or extremely unlucky, then she will probably already be defeated within a round of this action, and unable to complete another spell cast attempt. But if not, then she will methodically attempt further divine spell casting at valid targets. It is improbable that any of those attempts will succeed at this stage of the game.

Clerics of Umberlee are not typically classified as innocents. Killing her may be grisly and unnecessary but leads to no reputation penalty. It will shutter this temple for further use.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises the cleric with a changed opening battery of defensive buffs. These include Regeneration (spell), Blade Barrier, Armor of Faith, Magic Resistance (spell), Spiritual Hammer, Draw Upon Holy Might (spell), Physical Mirror, Free Action (spell), and Chaotic Commands. A second later an Aerial servant (creature) will have been conjured for assistance. As with the unmodified game, the priestess will probably be dead in a round or two and disrupted from further spell casting success from a party at this game stage. If for some strange reason she is not defeated and is able to complete her high-level divine spells casts, then the party could be in some level of risk.