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High Priestess Demin is chief cleric of the city of Suldanessellar. She's found in a predicament and in mortal danger inside her House.

Strangers? If you are not servants of the Exile, then aid me against these creatures, I beg of you!

— Demin


When the party enters the priestess's house, a trio of enemies are present within. These include Adsaan, a Rajah and a Rakshasa.

The priestess will cry out for help from the party.

Assuming the party is able to defeat the rakshasas, and also assuming Demin wasn't slain during the battle - she will thank the party and then initiate a very thorough and informative dialogue chain.

From an information and insight standpoint, priestess Demin has the most information for the party about the "Exiles" (Irenicus and Bodhi) and their history with the elves so far in the game.

Demin is also the first one to admit that the elves' themselves have some culpability in their current dilemma. She realizes the harsh treatment of the exiles may have actually planted the seeds for all the destruction now taking place. She also makes it clear, more than once, that the elves will have to make reparations to those harmed due to their action and inaction.

Its highly recommended to explore everything and keep an open mind to gather all the dialogue available from her.

In the end, she'll explain how to combat Irenicus's forces and possibly turn the tide of battle. By gathering special artifacts, placing them on an altar in the Temple of Rillifane, the divine power of the elves' leaf lord can be brought forth to assist the city in its hour of need. The Avatar of Rillifane will be able to unseal the palace, as well as summon a host of spiritual defenders to sweep through the city and destroy the attackers.

Priestess Demin is also concerned about queen Ellesime, and she offers information about her whereabouts and needed objectives to save her.

If the unfortunate occurs, and the priestess is slain and is unable to provide any of her dialogue - do not despair. Her deceased body drops the Demin's Note, which can fill in some of the gaps and a be a guide for what to do next.


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