Priest spells are used by clerics, druids, rangers and paladins. Some spells are universal, while others are limited to either clerics or druids. Rangers gain use of spells available to druids upon reaching level 8. The Cleric/Ranger multi-class is able to use both cleric and druid spells.

Druids can begin using level 5 spells at level 9. Due to the experience cap of 161,000 experience with Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, a cleric will never be able to use level 5 spells in an unmodified game. Rangers can use spells available to druids at level 8, but with the experience cap will only be able to use level 1 spells.

The Priest Spellbook in Baldur's Gate has 50 spells.

List of spells[edit | edit source]

Number Name Effect Cleric Druid School Sphere Level
1 Aid Target gains effect of Bless and bonus hit points. Yes Necromancy Combat, Necromantic 2
2 Animal Summoning I Summons 1-3 animals with 4 or less hit dice to aid caster. Yes Yes Conjuration Animal, Summoning 4
3 Animal Summoning II Summons 1-3 animals with 8 or less hit dice to aid caster. Yes Conjuration Animal, Summoning 5
4 Animate Dead Summons undead minions to aid caster. Yes Conjuration Necromantic 3
5 Barkskin Target receives bonus to armor class and saving throws except magic. Yes Yes Alteration Plant, Protection 2
6 Bless Friendly targets in area receive bonus to morale, saving throws for fear, and attack rolls. Yes Yes Conjuration All 1
7 Call Lightning Creates storm that deals electrical damage to random enemies. Yes Alteration Weather 3
8 Champion's Strength Target receives bonus to THAC0 and Strength. Caster cannot use other spells while active. Yes Alteration Law 5
9 Chant Nearby allies receive bonus to attack, damage, and saving throws. Nearby enemies receive penalty to same. Yes Conjuration All 2
10 Chaotic Commands Target becomes immune to certain mind altering effects. Yes Enchantment Chaos 5
11 Charm Person or Mammal Target humanoid is charmed to see caster as ally. Yes Enchantment Animal 2
12 Command Target falls asleep for 1 turn. Yes Enchantment Charm, Combat, Law 1
13 Cure Light Wounds Target is healed for 8 hit points. Yes Yes Necromancy Healing 1
14 Cure Serious Wounds Target is healed for 17 hit points. Yes Yes Necromancy Healing 4
15 Cure Critical Wounds Target is healed for 27 hit points. Yes Necromancy Healing 5
16 Defensive Harmony Nearby allies receive bonus to armor class. Yes Yes Enchantment Law 4
17 Detect Evil Evil creatures within sight of caster glow red. Yes Yes Divination All 1
18 Dispel Magic Targets in area have a chance to have magical effects removed. Yes Yes Abjuration All 3
19 Draw Upon Holy Might Caster receives bonuses to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. Yes Evocation Combat, Summoning 2
20 Entangle Targets in area must save or be immobilized. Yes Alteration Plant 1
21 Find Traps Caster detects traps within 10 yards for duration. Yes Yes Divination Divination 2
22 Flame Blade Caster receives a weapon to use for duration that deals slashing and fire damage. Yes Yes Evocation Elemental, Fire 2
23 Flame Strike Target is attacked with fire damage. Yes Evocation Combat 5
24 Free Action Target becomes immune to movement impairing magic. Yes Abjuration Charm 4
25 Glyph of Warding Caster places a glyph on a surface or container, causing electrical damage on contact. Yes Abjuration / Evocation Guardian 3
26 Goodberry Caster receives 5 Good Berries, which can be consumed for 1 hit point. Yes Alteration / Evocation Plant 2
27 Hold Animal Target animal and others nearby must save or be Held. Yes Enchantment Animal 3
28 Hold Person Target humanoid and other nearby must save or be Held. Yes Enchantment Charm, Law 2
29 Invisibility Purge Targets in area are dispelled of Invisibility effects. Yes Yes Divination Wards 3
30 Know Alignment Target must save or glow based on alignment. Yes Yes Divination Divination 2
31 Magical Stone Target is damaged by a magical projectile. Yes Enchantment Combat 1
32 Mental Domination Target must save or be Dominated. Yes Enchantment Thought 4
33 Miscast Magic Target must save or have 80% casting failure rate while active. Yes Yes Enchantment Chaos 3
34 Neutralize Poison Target is cured of poison, disease, Blindness, and Deafness, and also healed for 10 hit points. Yes Yes Necromancy Healing 4
35 Protection From Evil Target receives bonus to saving throws against evil enemies, and such enemies have a penalty to attack. Target is also immune to certain fiendish creatures. Yes Abjuration Protection 1
36 Protection From Evil, 10' Radius Caster an nearby allies receive the bonuses of Protection From Evil. Yes Abjuration Protection 4
37 Protection From Fire Target becomes resistant to fire damage. Yes Yes Abjuration Elemental, Fire, Protection 3
38 Protection From Lightning Target becomes immune to electrical damage. Yes Yes Abjuration Protection, Weather 4
39 Raise Dead Target is returned to life with 1 hit point. Requires an intact corpse. Yes Necromancy Necromantic 5
40 Remove Curse Target becomes able to unequip cursed items. Yes Abjuration All 3
41 Remove Fear Nearby allies receive a bonus to morale and are dispelled of fear effects. Yes Abjuration Charm 1
42 Remove Paralysis Target is dispelled of paralysis effects. Yes Abjuration Necromantic, Protection 3
43 Resist Fire and Cold Target becomes resistant to fire and cold damage. Yes Yes Alteration Protection 2
44 Rigid Thinking Target must save or be confused. Yes Yes Enchantment Law 3
45 Sanctuary Caster is ignored by enemies, but effect is broke if caster attacks or uses offensive magic. Yes Abjuration Protection 1
46 Shillelagh Caster receives a weapon to use for duration. Yes Yes Alteration Combat, Plant 1
47 Silence, 15' Radius  Targets in area must save or be unable to cast magic. Yes Alteration Guardian 2
48 Slow Poison Target is cured of most poisons. Yes Yes Necromancy Healing 2
49 Spiritual Hammer Caster receives a weapon to use for duration. Yes Evocation Combat 2
50 Strength of One Party receives a bonus to Strength. Yes Yes Alteration Law 3
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