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This Priest of Oghma is found inside the Temple of Oghma that's located in the Docks District.

Wisdom is only possessed by the learned.


Take advantage of the Priest's freely offered knowledge base. Certain topics of concern to the party can be further discussed with this learned man, possibly providing actual factual information - unlike the innuendo and rumors often circulated at this stage of the saga. Ask about the Cowled Wizards and the "guild war".

Much later in the party's adventures, especially after defeating Bodhi in chapter 6 - it is likely that Gorion's Ward may be seeking a means to resurrect and cure vampirism on one the party' companions. If the party spoke with Elhan and his Elven War Sage about this subject - they referred to the worshippers of Oghma as a source of information.

Assuming the party travelled to this temple and conferred with the priest on the subject - it does in fact lead to more information. The priest may say:

"Hmmm. We have archived books on many subjects. I doubt I could give you specifics... Wait... I do recall a text that dealt with that particular problem... We had a theft some time back, not long ago. There were three books taken, each on a different subject dealing with vampirism. The... Dea Vampir Becomos, Conjur Ota Servanta, and Vampiricus Omnibus. Yes, those were the ones. I cannot tell you much about their contents though. I'm not too sure where they were acquired... hmm... I seem to recall that the Vampiricus Omnibus was bought from a dealer in Imnesvale, in the Umar Hills. I'm afraid that's all I know. Has that been of service to you?"

With that information, the next logical place to explore further information gathering is in the Umar Hills. It's possible if the party has visited that location and the village of Imnesvale on prior travels, that some of the merchants near or inside the Imnesvale Inn may be a book dealer or merchant.

The priest runs the temple store function from which the party can buy potions, scrolls and identify items. He also administers temple services, including donations and the typical restorative cures offered by most temples.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Klatu Tweaks and Fixes modification has a component that adds content for the Temple and Priest of Oghma: The Manual of War
Introduces an ancient magical tome that, with some effort (HINT: and some WISDOM), can grant the reader extraordinary powers. The book can be found in the ruins of Ulcaster, in Irenicus' Dungeon (if the player has it in their possession on import) or in the depths of Watcher's Keep (if it was not already found earlier). But simply finding it is not enough. Try talking to the local scholars and mages to unlock its powers.

Note: The Priest of Oghma on this page will be able to further and guide the party for all quests related to The Manual of War component.

Temple services functions[]


Icon Cure Price gp
Cure Light Wounds ability Cure Light Wounds 50
SPPR303B00000 Dispel Magic 200
SPPR307B00000 Remove Curse 500
SPPR401B00000 Cure Serious Wounds 150
SPPR212B00000 Slow Poison 150
SPPR504B00000 Raise Dead 800 - 18,000
SPPR502B00000 Cure Critical Wounds 200
SPPR607B00000 Heal 750
SPPR712B00000 Resurrection 1,200 - 27,000
SPPR713B00000 Greater Restoration 1,000

Store function stock[]

Store Information
Sells for [mag 1]155%
Identifies for100gpShopkeeper's lore100
Temple of Oghma
Item Stock Base price Cheapest
Icon for Potion of Healing Potion of Healing 20 116 51
Icon for Potion of Genius Potion of Genius 13 465 207
Icon for Potion of Mind Focusing Potion of Mind Focusing 13 775 345
Icon for Potion of Insight Potion of Insight 13 465 207
Icon for Elixir of Health Elixir of Health 4 387 172
Icon for Potion of Healing (murky) Potion of Healing 5 232 103
Icon for Antidote Antidote 18 155 69
Icon for Stone to Flesh Scroll Stone to Flesh Scroll 19 232 103
Icon for Raise Dead Raise Dead 2 5,425 2,415
Icon for Protection From Poison Protection From Poison 1 1,162 517
Icon for Protection From Cold (protection scroll) Protection From Cold 1 1,162 517
Icon for Druid's Ring Druid's Ring 1 271 120
Icon for Lesser Restoration Restoration 3 1,162 517
  1. - Base price applies to charisma < 16 and reputation in 10-14. See shop prices for details.
    - Cheapest price applies to charisma ≥ 20 and reputation 20.