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This same Priest of Ilmater can be found in two places at once during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Greetings to you, my <BROTHER/SISTER>, and welcome to a refuge for the suffering and those in need. Ilmater offers shelter and healing to all who desire it... what is it that I can do for you?


The party may first meet him in the Temple of Ilmater (Waukeen's Promenade) after emerging from Irenicus's Dungeon. He can be found again at the Temple of Ilmater (Slums District) atop the Copper Coronet. Because it is the same person, if you purchase from his shop in one district, the stock in his shop in the other district will also be depleted, as they share the same store.

Related Quests[]

Temple Services[]

The Temple Shop sells potions, scrolls, and identifies objects. The priest also administers temple services which accepts donations and has the usual restorative cures.


Icon Cure Price gp
Cure Light Wounds ability Cure Light Wounds 50
SPPR303B00000 Dispel Magic 200
SPPR307B00000 Remove Curse 300
SPPR401B00000 Cure Serious Wounds 150
SPPR212B00000 Slow Poison 150
SPPR504B00000 Raise Dead 800 - 18,000
SPPR502B00000 Cure Critical Wounds 200
SPPR607B00000 Heal 750
SPPR712B00000 Resurrection 1,200 - 27,000
SPPR713B00000 Greater Restoration 1,000


Store Information
Sells for [misc 1]155%
Identifies for100gpShopkeeper's lore100
Temple of Ilmater
Item Stock Base price Cheapest
Icon for Potion of Healing Potion of Healing 20 116 51
Icon for Potion of Genius Potion of Genius 13 465 207
Icon for Potion of Mind Focusing Potion of Mind Focusing 13 775 345
Icon for Potion of Insight Potion of Insight 13 465 207
Icon for Elixir of Health Elixir of Health 4 387 172
Icon for Potion of Freedom Potion of Freedom 1 387 172
Icon for Antidote Antidote 155 69
Icon for Stone to Flesh Scroll Stone to Flesh Scroll 19 232 103
Icon for Raise Dead Raise Dead 2 5,425 2,415
Icon for Protection From Acid Protection From Acid 1 1,162 517
Icon for Protection From Undead Protection From Undead 2 1,162 517
Icon for Neutralize Poison Neutralize Poison 3 620 276
  1. - Base price applies to charisma < 16 and reputation in 10-14. See shop prices for details.
    - Cheapest price applies to charisma ≥ 20 and reputation 20.