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Priest is a lich cleric that can be encountered in Watcher's Keep Altar Level.

For a thousand years, I slept in peace, forgotten by the world beyond these temple walls. Now you dare disturb my eternal rest?


The lich priest is secluded away in his Crypt, which is behind a magically sealed door that can only be opened with a Key.

If the party enters the crypt, a large sarcophagus is seen as well as two Guardian Golem creatures that have an Iron Golem appearance. The golems watch the party, but do not immediately attack. If the party has the two Wardstones in their inventory, the golems will never initiate hostilities, unless they are attacked.

If the party doesn't have the wardstones, then when the party member interacts (by clicking) on the sarcophagus, they'll activate and attack.

Once the sarcophagus is opened, an animation sequence will play where the lich priest rises from the crypt floor and speaks. If the party has possession of the Old Slippers, a dialogue choice is available to give the lich his favorite footwear. He'll say:

Oh... I see you have brought my slippers. How thoughtful. May I have them?

If this is done, then the undead cleric will be thankful, and remark:

"I apologize for my... undeserved reaction. I will take my slippers and let you finish your work here. Look through the sarcophagus if you wish."

On the other hand, if the party doesn't have the Old slippers, or refuses to give them to the lich, then the undead priest will say:

"The divine master I serve is long forgotten, his name lost in the mists of time. But you shall taste the final remnants of his wrath!"

And the lich will turn hostile and immediately activate the preparatory buffs shown on the InfoBox. At the same time, two Skeleton Warrior creatures will rise from the ground to assist him. The battle will now commence.

The lich can be disrupted by damage to interfere with its Divine spell casting, except for a few triggered spells. Most spell casting can be disrupted. If the lich is destroyed, the undead being has no recoverable items.

Note: A good-aligned party cleric with Turn Undead active has a real chance of destroying this seriously under-leveled lich. This could occur before any of its dialogue is delivered. Suggest not using that ability until it turns hostile (if at all).


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes some revisions to the lich priest. The creature's level is raised to 25.

A new default smarter priest AI script is assigned. The creature will be able to activate a chain of protections and summon help very rapidly, to include: Globe of Blades, Regeneration (spell), Blade Barrier, Armor of Faith, Magic resistance, Draw Upon Holy Might (spell), Protection From Fire (priest), Physical Mirror, Energy Blades (priest), Free Action (spell), Shield of the Archons, and Chaotic Commands. Also, an Aerial Servant will follow, almost immediately.

Further spell casting will be attempted based on reactions to the party's protections, vulnerabilities, the creature's remaining hit points etc.

In addition to attempted spell casting, the lich attacks with the Energy Blade weapons, firing up 9 attacks per round.

The lich priest has use of Summon Fallen Deva and Implosion.

If the Spell Revisions mod is installed, those spells will be the SR versions.

Mod gallery[]

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