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Pride (Fiend) is present when the party descends stairs leading below to the Pride (Abyss) area during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7, part 2.

How do you find your soul, child of Bhaal? Do you find it on a stroll? No, you must know yourself, the depths of your passion and the heights of your depravity.

— Pride


The Pride Fiend will initiate and administer the Test of Pride. The player's bhaalspawn PC will be presented dialogue choices to navigate the test, which will determine if the final choices made will be determined as either the "good" or "evil" path.

The player's goal in all of the various tests is to obtain one of the Tears of Bhaal - which are required to complete the Finding Irenicus in Hell questline, and eventually lead to unsealing The Abyssal Door (also referred to as the "Watcher's Door").

Those dialogue choices during the test determine what reward is assigned to the protagonist when a Tear of Bhaal is added to the door. It may also result in an alignment shift.

This fiend is not meant to be attacked, provides no experience points or dropped treasure, and can't be killed by the party (it is equipped with the MINHP1.ITM protective item). The fiend is simply a plot actor to present the specific Tears of Bhaal test involving pride.

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