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Pride (Abyss) is a sub map area and connected to The Abyss area map.

It is reachable during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7, Part 2. A descending staircase on the main Abyss area map transitions to this Test of Pride area.

On the map[]

  • There are no Automap markers on this area map.


When entering this area, the party is almost immediately greeted by the Pride demon. It can detect invisible or hidden party members.

The interaction with the Pride demon is covered in the Finding Irenicus in Hell article.

If the player is interested in the creature faced by agreeing to take the Tear of Bhaal from it, then see the link for stats and description.



There is a non-visible container in this cavern that can be found and examined. Within are two of each Potion of Invulnerability and Potion of Superior Healing for the taking.


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