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Potion of Barkskin is a protective potion for warriors that want to surive the challenges of the Black Pits II: Gladiators of Thay.

This potion produces the same effect as the spell it is named from.


  • Only usable by warriors, including multi- and dual-class, but not by wizard slayers.
  • The imbiber receives a base armor class of 3, and all saving throws are boosted by 1, except for Spells. The potion lasts for 96 seconds. The effect is subject to Dispel Magic effects.
  • If multiple potions are imbibed, the saving throw bonuses will stack. Each potion consumption will have its own duration, however.
  • The potion has an internal EE code to improve scripting state recognition.
  • The potion bestows the same effect as a Barkskin spell that was cast by a level 12 Shaman/Druid class caster.
  • When the potion is imbibed, the recepient will have a "Barkskin" icon displayed on their character portrait for the duration of the effect.

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