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The Plate of the Dark +1, also known as Full Plate Mail +1, is an enchanted piece of armor and is the best piece of armor that priests, fighters, paladins and rangers and their dual- and multi-class combinations can wear. You can obtain this set from Tamoko in the Undercity. The reason why it's better than The Practical Defense, although they offer the same AC to the wearer, is that the plate offers better protection modifiers.

With The Enhanced Edition of Baldur's Gate II, This armor is worn and can be looted from Fadell Ironeye in the Red Wizard Enclave.

Compared to a normal set of full plate armor, this armor has +1 AC bonus and has only half the weight, making it lighter than chain mail and splint mail and offers the same protection modifiers as the non-enchanted piece.


Plate of the Dark

Dark Lord Hertiuos, undead Warlord of Bane, wore this piece of armor over more than 500 years. During this time he was rumored to dwell in a castle somewhere within the Earthfast Mountains. How his armor moved to other lands without him is not certain, though the seperation of the two was surely unpleasant.