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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Planar Sphere Mod fills the previously rather empty BG2 mage stronghold with characters, encounters, and mini-quests, and also adds an intense, combat-heavy quest-line about saving the multiverse from an evil archsorcerer.


It is a very old mod that has been updated by different modders between 2002 and 2008, and was then abandoned.

The latest version ("v2.6c" from 2008) is not natively compatible with the Enhanced Edition of the game, but can be made so by applying the Big World Fixpack patches. Even then, it does not become EET compatible.

However, the Expanded Mage Stronghold mod (which is a nerfed version of this mod without the big archsorcerer quest-line) is fully EET-compatible.


Mage stronghold brought to life[]

A few days after the party completes the normal mage stronghold quest-line, Teos appears in the Planar Sphere again and proposes a new arrangement.

The Planar Sphere is turned into a sprawling Cowled Wizard academy, which adds content to almost every room of the sphere:

  • characters to talk to
  • new spells to learn
  • a shop
  • a forge where the player can enchant weapons
  • a few mini-quests
  • a series of hostile visitors at the sphere entrance

Evil archsorcerer quest-line[]

This large quest-line starts after the Planar Sphere has been turned into a Cowled Wizard academy.

An uber-powerful archsorcerer is trying to implode the planes of existence, and the gods and overgods are powerless to stop him. The fate of the entire multiverse now hinges on the player-controlled party...

The combat encounters in this quest are so tough, that some players consider it a tactical-challenge mod in the vein of Weimer's Tactics Mod.

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