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The Planar Prison Cell 1 (closest to Wyvern) is a chamber that is accessed only by getting sucked down by a "Fleshy Trap" and is part of the Planar Prison complex - reachable only during the quest to Rescue Raelis and Haer'Dalis from the planar prison.

A single member or group of party companions can be drawn in, if near the edge or on top of the pulsating trap. When a member is drawn into the object, the player message screen displays "The strange fleshy trap has sucked a party member down into another chamber below."

Anyone drawn down into the chamber will immediately be faced with a hostile group. If quick enough, party members can attempt to reverse their path and exit the fleshy trap chamber by standing upon the pulsating orifice, which if done correctly will move the party member back up to the Planar Prison, where they were initially "sucked below". If they remain in the chamber, they must face attacks by the inhabitants of the prison cell.

Once the cell inhabitants are defeated, no other spawns or enemies will be present within.


There are five Githyanki creatures within, all of which are armed, and most are wearing plate armor. They are hostile and will attempt to kill any party members drawn inside their current area of control.

The Gish, Knight and three Warrior creatures collectively attack with innate Psionic abilities, melee attacks and spell casting actions. Most likely, expect them to initially quaff potions of invisibility in order to gain an advantage.

There is a container in the chamber that can be searched. Contents include mundane missiles: Throwing Daggers (×40), Arrows (×40), Bolts (×40), Bullets (×40), and Darts (×40).

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

With the Sword Coast Stratagems mod installed, all the Githyanki are standardized, and revised. New default scripts are assigned for smarter tactical behavior, additional psionic abilities, and the "Smarter Mage" component for the Gish. Potions will still be used as in the unmodified game. There are no level 3 Githyanki with SCS, so those warriors will be level 9 fighters now. For more details see the individual creature pages linked above.